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Or more worried and there were many other signs of this are the economy song well what's moving to fifty seven percent from thirty seven percent in two months what's what's moving it could are two things one what we've been talking about the last half hour which is the ability of washing he could get anything done to make any meaningful progress on reforms to help the economy and and secondly that the is just simply slowing down and people are spending less and they're getting more concerned about their debt levels and things like that so the thing is going to be 2000 2000 and nine all over again no i don't think it's going to be that but we have gone a little might be thinking they might think that we've got a long time since the recession we're doing nothing really to create a growth environment at the moment and so people think guess there's a good chance that this economist going to get worse not better gene robinson's column in the conversation last segment speculated about a democrats not having a message or growth plan a counter what would you see would be in light of these numbers here in a lot of emails is you've applied over the last several months what could be what would be the smartest core the growth plan on economic plan which i think should be a growth plan but what what what should their plan look like what was interesting because in the washington post poll akhmet on sunday i think something like sixty two percent of people say that the democrats are more anti trump than actually having ideas of their own profile there was a profile of jake solvent and the paper the other day in which he said he wished he had been harder and hillary and said it's not just about policy it's about showing these people some leadership in showing them that you have an idea for how to solve the country so i think it's and look i think the policies are all out there and bookshelves and places i think it's a question of a leader pulling it together the way what trump did in fairness one issue what's the one piece of the corp should be a tax cut more spending and winery the one issue is solving the middle class wage problem and that consists of a whole bunch of things to get there.

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