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What they're going through right now These are all important things for audience to connect with you and build that No like entrust factor so people go into this going going through this. We're mostly talking about starting to add right now. Basically right are just going to add short in figuring out your avatar through through feedback. So you're gonna need some kind of feedback right while you're kind of guessing it through guessing it through getting correct exactly. Yeah so that's where you start to look at the analytics and you start to look at just like general engagement stuff if you post something if you're not doing an ad what you're doing a pure organic if you post something about being you know I don't know go into the club as an example but it gets like no likes. It may mean that your audience doesn't understand what that means that where that's because of a you know an age thing a gender thing whatever. It just made me that that doesn't resonate but then the next one talks about not being able to you know eat any food all day except for a midnight snap. Because you're so busy running around with your five kids and that gets a bunch of lies. Hey even if you can attribute that necessarily to gender you can say my audience resonates with the fact. That i have kids. I have a busy life so let me create more content. That's about that. So i don't want to miss miss the point. What you're what you just said. Now asking questions is key if you're not doing as if you're doing it. Organic asking questions is maybe a simple way to find out what people are looking for. Oh yeah so. What if what if you're asking what people okay. What are people who are on here now. And they don't have anybody that they think are saying that they want it they can ask. They don't have the money to do it doing pay dad from their short. There's a couple of different things you can do. You can go into facebook groups that you already go in and see you know. like Ask without being sales. E because a lot of the times as part of the stipulation is you can't sell in this group so just say hey. I'm trying to do a little something you know with your and i'm just i have some questions anybody who has any Who does yoga. If you can answer this the great Especially if you clarify that with the administrator. I suggest to make sure that your post get deleted or whatever Another fantastic option are really recommend doing this. And i've done it. A million times over is go to Well actually there's two easiest. The easiest one that i like is go to a place called reddit dot com a minute. You probably know what that is so find some sub reddit so search in there for specific things for example yoga. And then you can go in..

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