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You. You goddamn anthropomorphized born. Hi four fifty one you hear me. I even know the temperature. I understood that pun about birth of a nation mother. Next yeah but it just so happens to come up in that conversation that god has the whole world is hands ran out of original material for salty. The song clearly yeah. The songs are nine repeated words that they still couldn't manage to make twenty four minutes worth of them so all the kids start singing whole world in his hands. They're throwing up these little glow beach balls but the water part is see through so they look like some kinda horrifying bug. Edgar some shit. Yup yup absolutely. Yeah and there's there's a tiny little version of salty the songbook here like bank jato. The sad is the child he talked about earlier. Maybe yeah okay possibly unclear also i dislike. Salty goes the fuck off in this one right as though the actress showing off that he can out sing these little kids like because i mean yeah man whole world in is hands. I was like if salty goes into an aretha franklin riff at the end of the earnings of christianity. This is the season finale. All right but until then we kick off the final scene with a reprise of the kid that got the sperm dumped on him earlier. Okay this is so fucking insane. Run over to salty in there like joshua's building his house on the sand again so they run over there and salt. He's josh you fucking jew. Yeah right you'd say to become a dirty fuck and muslim ditch and no no. Josh is like no. I want the goop. Gimme the goop face. Exactly what happened okay. We actually end use ical with salty. So yeah that kid gets fucking come gupte again hoop to gan but we end with salty getting a money. Shot from ten kids of yellowish white goop. That's literally what what i watched. I watched this. They surround him and throw by their own claim vanilla pudding at his face. The camera zooms in and his name is salty. Balti salty. yes. Yes we get the boot hockey. Referencing his unmistakable. So any any moral to the story that you guys could Salty's not a come dodger. Okay that's good to know though all right so on that note. We're gonna shove salty back on the shelf long enough for eli. Hopefully forget about them all together. But i'm sure they'll remember him again for another god awful mini own before we dissipate tonight. I want to remind you that vacation or no. We're still gonna have all new stuff where you every week this month. Anyway that's pretty tonight but we're back in ten thousand twenty two minutes with more if you can't wait that long beyond look up for brand new systems sprint. Got off a moves. Daping seventeen eastern on tuesday and even new episode about half sister show citation needed debut at noon eastern wednesday. Obviously this show wouldn't be able to hold its head up high in the list of neglected. Thank you then. Right for being sodas iraq. I need to think you for being a different. But also good consistency. I needed to think the lovely talented loosen delusions for putting up with me for even more than normal this past week. And i also want to thank live for providing this week's farnsworth quote if you'd like to learn more about the cinderella podcasts. Make sure to check the show notes. But most of all course i wanna think. This week's best bipeds. Nate al ten ninety wilde matt jessica. Don't ask my name. aj joan. Justin jeff tanner night our wild men jessica who are so sexy potter stewardess. Sherefield no porn when he sees it anymore. Don't ask aj and jenin. Who's iq's have more than a phone sex operator. And just jeff. And tanner who's cox are so massive. They have lagrange points together. These nine noddy nonbelievers nudge. Our net worth northward. This week by giving us money. Not everybody has.

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