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Without issue of rising earlier device. We have options will be another way of looking at this with great aside presumably. Hopefully somebody will come up with an editor at soon solution within the country in which that happens I'm sure will be very keen on exploiting until they have enough for their own needs therein people. Yeah that's a little hardware is emerging as a clear acceptance globalization has limits. Yes I mean it is. That is one of the things that we have We've talked about in recent years and haven't been very willing to acknowledge You know some. It's it's very interesting. The way in which people talk about these injuries which globalization as a term is is one of those tricky ones. Isn't it because it's it can be? I would use it as a description of a demonstration a description of facts of the fact that we live in unprecedented connected while some people are used globalization it as meaning an ideological project. And it's it's worth making clear which one of those while means. I think that the globalization of fun only use it. The description of the interconnected world is which is a morally neutral point. I think in a way is to say that that is neither a good nor bad it means that it has good and potentials within it but like everything else in in life but it is is a description of a natural state will also have drawbacks full to that extent we are currently learning and seeing some of the doors by every single one of these things look at the advantages of technology. The advantage of technology that allows John Anderson me to be toll king literally on opposite sides of the planet is good but it is. It is the same technology that can be used. Terrible bad for the pumping out of of bad and untrue ideas and nation at two on a saying had we get the balance right. How do we ensure we see through as we move through this terrible crisis way? We WanNA guard the end of it because you talk about. Soviet saying China's framed now that he's going to be the subject of some very heated discussions because a one little piglets. Saying well Authoritarian very feisty concerned J. This trial in this is.

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