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But if you asked at Nazar who want to play as centre forward, he wants you rude. And we'll talk about that in one sec. There's one last note that I did want to have. On on Spurs here. And there's probably no one in the world for however, low I'm feeling right now or any Tottenham fan who's listening to this. Who do you think out there in the world at this moment? Feels the lowest about this. Oh, Eric dire. Okay. Well, the other than people who played I mean other than the guys on the field. I don't know Yongming son because if you look at him, he's sensitive boy loves his club. It's a moment like this. I mean to me it has to be particularly of all the guys who were missing from from Tottenham side. It's got to be particularly painful for him. He knows how badly this team needs him. It's a match of huge consequence players at his position or hurt. He's healthy. He's already missed time this season for an international tournament that Spurs didn't need to release him for. But did so to help him void military service. And now he's watching from afar once again, totally healthy while his club go out of tournament that they desperately wanted to win. I mean, you Cain is out alleys out soco and Lucas. More or trying to play through injuries, basically. And and soco gets hurt again and son is perfectly healthy God could have used him. And he can't because he's off on his second international tournament. I mean like it must've killed him watching that from from the Asian Cup. Kill me to watch dire dot says Bata penalty is you will see no Lucas Moore's was poor too. But that was it's funny. How things change our Dyer was England hero for his penalty. Can you love even that penalty went back and looked at it wasn't convincing? But he's he was the hero on Tottenham. He basic kick the field wasn't. He caught out a position on the quick free. Kick that led to the Chelsea go back. I go or what? But I I would say this credit credit departs forgetting the team back into it went to three at the back which didn't which for the second half. And he got Danny rose in Donnie rose deliveries were very very good Spurs. Look like, they they call themselves back into the tie. So yeah, I don't know. Let's talk about Chelsea, no. Yeah. Let's do that. It's funny because Murchio sorry afterwards. He was talking about in hazard. And I think we kinda got a glimpse into who. Because when sorry those original comments about like this club, not having fight and character and things like that in a will to to win. We all kind of wondered you and I sat here, and we're like we can't be talking about goal Conti as he talking about. He couldn't be talking about your genius who who's his guy or even Davidge Louis, everyone kind of suspected without sorry actually coming out and saying it, I think we all suspected that. He was talking about eating hazard, and I think sorry, essentially confirmed some of that in things that he said since and he said, what was the comment here? He said the potential is higher than the performances when talking about hazard, he Esther respect first of all himself eaten at the moment is a wonderful player, but he's an individual player. He's very instinctive player..

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