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Value. The scientists who listening of zero point zero zero one. So that's something that although with thirty one percent improvement doesn't seem like a knockout one hundred percent. It is a very important proof of concept because what it is proven is that a drug can block this virus. I WANNA take this infra second because I think I'm about to blow your mind. Does that sound like a very different approach to a discussion about this drug compared to what we heard him say with trump. I wanted to say it's anecdotal right. Now we really don't hydroxy chloroquine. I know that I know. I know the president's got a good feeling about it but I really want to caution. We should think about this. We don't know how else I mean. Honestly and here is like very promising. This is promising. This drug rim desert here is really showing promise. And as though there's one hundred studies that are just rocking it out around the world right. I mean clearly rendez of your you know must be awesome. Now let me make this perfectly clear. I've been touting. We should be desert trials to try everything. I WANNA find whatever it is that works because once you have a treatment even Bill Gates said hey you find a treatment that's ninety five percent effective then we don't even have to worry about a vaccine Bill Gates by the way is telling you we're going away per vaccine and he is pretty darn sure we're never gonNA find a drug that can be ninety five percent effective Just while I'm getting a little bit off track and you get used to be following this you do realize that Dr Erickson in every other decent scientists in the world has already said ninety. Five percent of healthy people will recover from Kobe. Nineteen with no side effects whatsoever. So wait a minute. Hold on a second ninety. Five percent of people we need a drug be ninety five percent effective in order to skip a vaccine but nature itself our bodies our immune system is ninety five percent at killing this thing. Moving on most of us will get a cold some of us. You know maybe even more dramatic. I mean this is what you gotTa Start. Looking at here right. But let's get back from desert so what's going on with me right. We all have say Golden God. Everyone's so excited. We're hearing the news that there's this great new thing it says. Dr. Algae says Rim desert trial shows drug has promises. Fda plans to announce emergency use. Fda's telling you stop using hydroxy chloroquine move over to reservoir aveer all right. I WanNa take you through the only trial right now that we can find that's currently going on by the way. Guess he's doing the trial Naiad the NIH Naiad being the specific branch right here. There is National Institute of Allergy Infectious Disease. Who's the head of that? Oh wait a minute. That's DR G. He's doing this study himself. No water you so excited about it. And wonder he actually knows that it's going right now is showing so much promise. He's the one heading this study. Okay let's give them the benefit of the doubt all right are really wanting to give them benefit that remember. Maybe he's not biased. Maybe doesn't Harry the prove maybe you know having CNN MSNBC. And everybody's saying you're the hero because you were right about hydroxy. Chloroquine has nothing to do with this. Let's take a look at this study shall we? You can find all this on. Clinical Trials Dot Gov first of all on February twenty first they laid out how the study would work percentage of subjects reporting each severity rating. On the seven point ordinal scale. Okay so they're gonNA have a seven point scale that would lay out all we were looking at. The ordinal scale is an assessment of the clinical status. The person of a given study day. The scale is as follows. One will look at the one category. I want to be very clear at one. Category is death. How many people died. We just heard the other studies showed how many people died in the chloroquine..

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