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But s positivity rate for covert 19 and Illinois continues to rise but new cases about even with yesterday, the Illinois Department of Public Health, announcing today 3749 new cases and 34 additional deaths. Test positivity rate ticked up to 4.2%, Meanwhile, starting Monday this Monday, April 12 all Illinois residents, 16 years and older. Will be eligible for a covert vaccine. Governor Pritzker says the state is prepared to move into the next phase of vaccination eligibility. Thanks to its surplus of sites. We have not only expanded appointments available, we've also increased the number of vaccination sites. As of today, we have more than 1000 covert 19 vaccination locations across the state of Illinois that includes 20 large National Guard mass vaccination operations. You confined the site closest to you by visiting coronavirus that Illinois dot Gove. Or by calling this phone number 8336211284. Illinois state, police say at Oak Park police officer is hospitalized in serious but stable condition after being shot this morning during a traffic stop. The suspect in the shooting is in stable condition. Police say the Oak Park officer was assisting Forest Park police during that traffic stop. It happened in about seven this morning on Harlem Avenir near the I 2 90 Expressway and no Park. Gentleman need was at a nearby a car dealership on the shooting happened. We pulled into the lie, and we just heard a lot of like. Noises, So we were like, what's going on and sort of like firecrackers, and we just saw a lot of emotions on the bridge. The driver of the stat Vo Koa reportedly got out of his car and began firing shots He offered officer returned fire. And shot the suspect President Biden implementing a series of actions aimed at curbing gun violence during a Rose Garden event Earlier today, a carried live on WGN. Biden called Gun Violence. A public health crisis in violence in this country is an epidemic. And it's an international embarrassment. Well inspires of homemade ghosts, guns to underground background checks along a number of other executive actions that he will be taking. Let's get a look at WGN sports. Now here's Kevin Pal Cubs, white socks, Black hawks and bowls all in action Today in the Masters is underway Opening day on the South side, we'll see if the rain effects these sacks Royals match up this afternoon at guaranteed rate field, Lance Lynn said to make the start Cubs in Pittsburgh this afternoon. Blackhawks make a trade ahead of tonight's game against Dallas, acquiring the rights to forward Henrik Bulk. Strum forward Branch Connally defenseman Riley Stillman from the Florida Panthers in exchange for forward Lucas, Wall Mark and defenseman Lucas Carlsson Hawks and Stars meet at the UC pregame at 6 30 here on WGN face off at seven. And the ball's going for three straight wins. They visit the Raptor. I'm Kevin Powell, double DG in sports and on the North side, the Cubs leading in that game one to nothing in.

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