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Are you lonely. Heavy one. This is Kelly with two broads talking politics. I am enjoying the delightful silence of my house because my kids are four hundred miles away, but I have lovely ladies to talk with me tonight. So I'm on with my co host, Sophie, hey, Sophie, hey, Kelly and night. We are talking to, Christie, who is in Tennessee. Hi, Christie. Hey, Kelly. So we're talking in general about the politics of Tennessee tonight. And in later segments, we'll have interviews with Justin canoe and Mariah Phillips, but Christie may be give us a little bit of background on your involvement in Tennessee in Tennessee politics. I am from the Nashville area. I live about four or five minutes outside of Nashville, and it is a very rule read fee and I am a small dot. I live in an area where I have to drive past veteran, fly on hills and on houses. And that's. Where I'm at in Tennessee, I got involved in politics. I've always been interested in it, and I've always been very vocal on social media, but in two thousand sixteen a lot happened. We had the pulse nightclub shooting that happened that summer. It was another shooting and it felt like we were having so many of them. And then in November, of course, Trump was elected, and it felt like the bottom fell out. Although, as we know that bother them keeps getting deeper. So. After he was elected, I really through my net wide. I didn't really know where I wanted to get involved. So I got involved with my local Democratic Party. I actually got elected as the vice chair for my city and then joined into action for Gunston America. And I was just trying to find where I would fit. I joined an indivisible and I was doing stuff with Planned Parenthood, but it was when I found moms demand that I truly felt like I found my collie since I have five children, I wanna do everything I can to keep them safe. So that was my first dip into politics here in Tennessee. Great, sue. You started to talk about how very very read parts of Tennessee are. Yes, maybe that's where we can sort of start in on our discussion. So Tennessee has a Republican governor, two Republican senators in the US house. There's seven Republicans into Democrats are to Democrats sending Tennessee and the state Senate and state house are super majorities for the Republicans. The Republicans also hold the attorney general and secretary of state position, so that's really, really, really Republican, very read. I guess one of the questions I have is, is it really that read by which I mean, you can be Republican. You can feel like the majority of people are Republicans without it actually being quite that lopsided. Do you know other Democrats are people in hiding. Or or is some amount of this come from gerrymandering, voter, suppression, voter, apathy, that sort of thing. I think it's a little bit of both. Anytime we don't really use the word Democrats openly and unless you're in the bigger cities. And so anytime I find someone that I figure out that they're democrat, I'm like, ooh, someone else, you're another another blue dot, but we are also extremely gerrymandered in our district. So when you're out talking to people most of the time, I just assume everyone is Republican and, and that's how life is in a small town though. I'm, I'm again forty five minutes outside of a larger city. So these smaller towns, I feel alone. So notice that there are two, Democratic Congress people from Tennessee, but none of the races in Tennessee for congress seem to be particularly competitive between the parties is there. Even the Democrats are rated very safe in their districts. Is there a lot of gerrymandering going on into Tennessee. Yes. So I live in the six district that's Diane blacks district. And if you look at a map, you can tell just by the drawing that we are very gerrymandered 'cause we have kind of like a little arc, and then there's this little tiny sliver that has all the way down to Homa, which is a good earned a half south of us. So it's it's one of the largest districts in Tennessee, and we're hoping that we can move our state legislators a little bit more to the right, especially by twenty twenty..

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