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Gene Kelly. Yeah good this. Are Good Fantastic. All right. Here's another one. This Pittsburgh won an emmy for pose. He also hosted the twenty twenty Oscars red carpet. This other actor one four once upon a time in. Hollywood. Brad Pitt's Burger. Billy Porter. You got it. My dear friend Billy Porter we did a play together. I Love Billy deeply. What did you do together? We did angels in America together. At the signature theatre in two thousand and ten he played believes Louis. Yeah. Look at this magical time. All right. Here's another one. This rap star Song Black and yellow is a tribute to his hometown not attributed to burnt ear of corn from the outdoor where food is grilled. My Gosh hold on. I know this? I just am blank. Is it is it a barbecue pits Burger wiz Khalifa. Looking. Great I'm so impressed I saw you work on that one Iran worked all the way through it. It was great. Very exciting. All right here's your next one. This one is not easy. Okay. Okay. Thank you. This This poet art collector and author of tender? Buttons? was. Friends. With Picasso F Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway had they been around in the nineteen eighties? You'd see them at a punk rock concert dancing in the section where fans intentionally slam into each other. Burger. Burger with.

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