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Threes brought to us this time by jordan's furniture hold onto that steering wheel nicole davis yeah definitely get knocked around a bit out there a little bit blustery that's not helping things downtown the lower deck of 93 is pretty much almost back to sullivan square at this point thorough eastbound back to mass at the connector inbound spoil the pike eastbound hearing of rightly install by com and the ted westbound's jammed up from uh the airport essentially straight over toward the expressway but it looks like right now the sumner tunnels not too bad well volume in side west of town the pike westbound is slow marketstreets newton corner again out by the and barracks but after that just obree tap right by route nine eastbound us okay coming into the newton stretch north of town when twenty eight northbound you're jammed up from route 3 to 93 and we have a right lane breakdown that's being cleared in the mix right by three aaa one 28 southbound slow sixty two to one fourteen again thirty eight to route 3 now 93 northbound we have a new crash coming in by 62 in wellington that's got your back to one twenty nine 495 northbound crashes off to the right by 93 but we have a new crash coming in my 125 in 'have will also 3 northbound this heavy now sixty to trouble cove road south of town the expressway south is fall the expressway northbound slows adams street in the pond that again columbia road to the tunnel 128's southbound is slow from winter street to highland avenue and three southbound the slow coming off the expressway next report three 33 wbz's traffic on the 3s advance your nursing career with a master's degree from and iccat's van loan school she was family practitioner global health educator or administrator r d b s n and doctoral programmes also available visit van loanedout endicott died edu slash nursing meteorologist dave bowers checks.

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