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Bound five connector ramp is closed to fix five project goes through 5 A.m. on Monday. Traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons news 93.1 kfbk Now Sacramento weather For today will be on the cool side. Mostly cloudy highs of 75 to 79 Partly cloudy tonight lows in the mid to upper fifties But sunshine tomorrow loaded mid eighties mid to upper eighties There was sunshine on Monday. I back you, Weather meteorologist Bill Decker News that e 3.1 kfbk. This is Mike Lester with the guarding her nest egg radio show week after week. I talk to people across the country about their concerns as they approach retirement and after retirement, the number one question I get these days is what we'll have to my portfolio after the upcoming election. That's a legitimate concern. It could mean big changes to our economy and likely to your retirement savings. If you don't plan don't want to see what happens to your portfolio on the morning of November. 4th Make sure you have a plan. In my opinion, you'll need two plants for a complimentary analysis. Ending plan to election proof your portfolio with a fiduciary that takes an active management approach to investing coming at 916545 6000 that's 9165 or 5, 6000 or visit us at planned biden dot com. Investment advisory Services Air offered through retirement Wealth Advisors LLC security Suffer through World Equity Group Inc. Never Finneran, SEC registered investment adviser Back to work at that. Joop the one you realized isn't for you. Well, that's if you're lucky. Right? Make your move. You can start a new life. A Senate pro in his little is four months from the comfort of your own home. Even if you have zero computer experience, take control of your future. Now, Goto my computer career dot edu and take the free career evaluation Today.

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