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Studio some underscores shit in there somewhere follow froze he's fucking cool i don't do shit but you don't don't don't do shit but fund shit so i mean he he has good stocks historians are pretty amazing yeah we're gonna need to do that we need to have a sit down session where we just talk about some funny shit that we've been through adventures adventures adventure times another four hours yeah but finished my yeah just just make sure you follow me because don't we got miss christie whitaker over here hashtag mom and we got handsome hank hat handsome hank his own fuck and all that he's doing just you say y'all could follow a fucking dog you tag follow you gonna follow him a fucking dog it's kind of like a bucking brother over here follow me just say oh all right you'll follow your mom if i do or not i'm gonna tell you reason i oh i don't know if i've apparently it's not okay 'cause she knows you don't algorithms i'm definitely blaming the algorithms 'cause i don't know if i do not i know your number teaser watch this is easy i hope i'll follow you could probably she belated she'd she deleted it awhile back probably what's going on yeah i did this is this christie christie would the c o lord woman she had it ready to go kristie understo- underscore kristie underscore whit taylor there but was again i appreciate it appreciate you coming down until and again yeah we'll do this again and thanks for letting me hang up my tiny banner day i was going to do it it is pretty fucked tiny and i just need you know i i didn't make that i'm glad you remembered it let me say something i was just i just went through instagram increases to do that and robbie lehto shit popped up probably on a whole 'nother level to another level there's any body that my work is closest closest to i feel like it's robbie's and and i've fucking eight how good he rob is amazing is but you remember years ago when was that emma city robbie was like good it was it wasn't nothing crazy but it's watching robbie over the years has has been a joy i gotta say and he is the most say you're humble he's very does is probably the most laidback humbled food in this industry is so you know what's it's crazy though is so humble that it comes across sun-seared yeah but we know we know what i'm saying it comes across as yeah but he's that way now he wants to drive motorcycles and chill work just gonna be robby and i don i love that the and i gotta get him he wants to fucking hit me up so i gotta get him on to maybe that's how we get him down here here in visit not no he come they come down here and visit you know he likes vacations nothing here motorcycle tracks bro you're you're probably better off there now i'm gonna turn there's motorcycle track i'll take a reasonable fucking motorcycles shipped he loves us shit trust middle he went they got a good track down rolling hills mindy guy went to fucking when we want to move the country probably tonight i'm gonna take our home come back let's tiger two more we're going about shoot this out anyway appreciate everybody paying attention to me that was good attention to me but until next time y'all have a wonderful evening scott grout thank you for joining us on this week's episode of unfiltered with your hosts john whitaker be sure to tag us and give us a follow on social media and electric radio or on the.

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