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I am a twenty seven Email from Texas and in may. Tested, positive for H as being. The first time I believe that I've ever been tested for herpes. And I guess they tested me because I told him that I had multiple partners in the past year, which is true. Because I know that the CDC does not typically recommend testing for her piece. So I got that news. And I was honestly very very shock. I've never had any symptoms. I've never slept with anyone that I do have agency you, and so it was quite a a rock my world. And it's been quite a rock might dating world. And I've just been struggling on how to navigate this. I know I've listened to a couple of your podcast where you've talked about herpes and had couldn't than Planned Parenthood. Come and talk about herpes. But it's just it's been very difficult and just acting Owen. When should I disclose to someone that I have been Essex Husted for HSE too? But then I'm also on suppressant medication. I don't have any symptoms and do I need to. Tell everyone that I sleep with that I have herpes because I don't have any symptoms. This is a hard one to answer honestly answer because if you're out there having casual sex, you're just hooking up with people people should assume herpes really common really prevalent most people who have it don't know that they have just as you call her didn't know that you haven't they wouldn't go tested and most people who have it have one outbreak and never have another outbreak of her again or had an outbreak the perceive. That's why a lot of people who have don't know. They have it. They had an outbreak. It was so minimal it didn't notice it. But yet they have her and they're potentially infectious. But you know, you haven't and you're taking meds. The odds if the Mets are working for you that you will transmit Herbie's to someone else are very very low, and if you're having casual sex with somebody who's having casual sex with a lot of different people, they should just assume that they are going to bed with people who have herpes, occasionally and. They're assuming that risk because it is really really comment again, not that big a deal, and yet the stigma and the shame and the fear of it looms so large in people's minds in imaginations and the fear of it. I is so irrational that putting the burden on someone in a casual encounter to disclose that they have herpes to someone who should just know that if they're having a lot of casual sex letter Rando that they are assuming some degree of risk for contact or exposure, if not infection, you can be exposed to the infection taken, and that they should assume certain degree of risk that they're taking on your own free will for exposure to this in most cases, no big deal, STI NBD STI, so I think with casual partners, we have a lot of casual partners who are out there just to hook it up. I don't actually think that you're under an obligation to disclose. That said. If you're out there having casual sex, and you have casual sex with somebody and you really click, and then you have casual sex with that person again. And then you start hanging out with that person. And then a year later, you're in a relationship with that person..

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