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Celebration of the south lawn Friday for soon to be Supreme Court Justice katangi Brown Jackson here to discuss that and more former New Jersey governor Chris Christie former DNC chair Donna brazile ABC News political director Rick Klein and Politico White House correspondent Laura ferrin Lopez So Donna you were there in the rose garden You were also there when the vote was taken on the Senate to confirm her How big a moment It was a huge moment And you know she said but we made it We made it We all have made it That was the moment I think that many of us just started to lose it And then she finished up by saying she quoted the American poet Maya Angelou when she said I am the hope and the dream of the slave Everyone was crying I was sitting next to my former mayor Mitch landrieu from Louisiana We were holding hands And here Mitch who took the statues down in Louisiana Confederate statues And we're holding hands This is a moment a moment to rejoice Now look there's work to be done It's the Supreme Court of the United States But the fact that we finally have made this moment in American history It's a moment of celebration And yesterday John I was in the streets of Washington D.C. there paint a merle right next to a wonderful restaurant called you'll love this one Chicken and whisky That sounds like a good play And I was there Well you were invited You just didn't show up But this is why this model was so important for the country And especially little girls and little boys all over this world And it's a marker for women now in the Supreme Court high water mark for women on the court But let me ask you we heard governor Christie we heard from Mitch McConnell this week not willing to commit that there would even be hearings for if there's a vacancy next year if the Republicans retake the Senate He won't even commit to holding hearings We are in a new era really starting back with Robert bork and moving forward since then Of non cooperation between the parties on these appointments They have become ideological litmus tests for both parties And each party has ramped up the contentiousness of these things And so I said on the show 6 weeks ago that she would probably get two or three Republican votes in the second She got three And so this is the new era that we're in John And if Mitch McConnell is nothing he is certainly someone who plays his cards very close to his vest He doesn't know what is going to happen in the next two years and he's not a guy who's going to make any commitments on anything And by the way if the shoe were on the other foot Chuck Schumer I suspect would be doing the same thing And so that's the era we're in whether we like it or not And we have to be able to find our way forward But despite all that this was a bipartisan confirmation And so let's keep our eye on the ball in terms of what actually happened versus now moving to the next thing that we're all worried about This new justice was justice Jackson was confirmed in a bipartisan way as she will now be on the Supreme Court come October You're listening to northwest news radio You're a stock chart dot com money update on northwest news radio From ABC News Wall Street weekend trading will resume after a mixed end last week The Dow ended higher but the broad S&P 500 and the NASDAQ indexes closed lower Among the reports that could affect stock prices are a look at inflation with the monthly consumer price index Tuesday and the producer price index Wednesday Thursday we get a look at retail sales and the Labor Department's weekly report on initial claims for unemployment insurance Then reports on manufacturing and industrial production Friday COVID continues to squeeze the economy around the world particularly in China Shanghai residents face severe restrictions on movement and activities because of a surge in infections with economic effects rippling around the world ACM research a supplier of equipment for the semiconductor industry that has operations in Shanghai says the restrictions will cause a significant hit to its revenue Its stock fell 6% Friday a jump in COVID cases is also behind airline disruptions in Europe Chuck sievertson ABC.

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