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And so I wanted to invite people in we decided not to share that episode and why is that you have the great question 'cause I think that was important conversation to make lots of meaning about my feelings, and then realize that sometimes our feelings are not meant to make meaning off of. Yeah. And sometimes feelings farts Nick coming. Oh, next thing, you know, you're in frame of mind anywhere when you're feeling that feeling and so a lot of the came up on this last call was stuff that no longer feels true. And we moved through those feelings. Thankfully, with your mazing interview therapy session, it was helpful because I got actually express some of that stuff. But yeah, I really like it's important, not necessarily always share the whole extent of a relationship as it's in one of those moments because then it becomes something that makes me question. What is that? Men in what is actually meant to be broadcast versus actually worked out in privacy. Yeah. It's a thin line nowadays, it seems, you know, it really is. I've had to navigate that Meyer relationship because I was one of those writers, personalities really kinda got my name on the map, if you will, by being totally transparent about what I was experiencing going through this was a single man in a relationship. Doesn't really work. I'm someone else's sensibilities though to consider. Right. Exactly. That's the thing I hold her heart, so dear my wife Armenia. Yeah. It's a Queen. And so for me to be waiting through the waters on air as we haven't come to a resolution ourselves heels like it's putting something ahead of our relationship in sacred as lot. That was the dance that we're doing with that last call. It was powerful call. It really was helpful to to get through that. And now are in love again, feeling great. But yet, it's testament to how times relationships are not what they always are in romance movies where swept up off your feet in in. Love for the rest of the story. Yeah, that was challenging times bring up doubt here and all of that stuff. So, yeah. I'm glad that was about it. I am too. Again. I'm really just prison too because of how this went down in how you and I both went through this and really honoring your relationship in realizing that, yeah, that conversation was powerful. But it isn't for that was for you and I in really Carmina, and it wasn't for the world. I think there's this idea, a man, I have been so victim to it that in this day and age, you know, using vulnerability gain allow. Alano success in whatever external allies form that may look like or when you're famous, there's a spectator in that we should know everything about Scheuer. And I think, again, you know, your proximity to fame, I worked with an artist Ashra was, who was in the Bandmann Nudo replaced. Ricky Martin in Manute, oh. And he told me he was partying with some of the biggest stars in the world. And he saw overwhelmingly, how miserable people were with all the success in the world. And I'm curious you just went to India where I've been India few times, and yeah. The poverty at least seems through the eyes of a western mind staggering, and yet you experienced something there in the Piha. India was a really special thing, because there is that poverty, but then there's such a beautiful alignment around their faith, and look at how actually plays out day today at high everybody's bought into their faith there, and it really has people be certain way with each other consistently. It's really beautiful

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