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A. time and also Hong Kong time as you were writing it and talking to people a ten cent. What were the differences in culture that you were experiencing? You know with the right people in the ten cent people. I mean, is it. Go ahead. There's a clear difference. Sure. In that differences that ride is opera Thomas almost cult employees are really drilled in. It's really drilled into employees is that the player comes first before money that if it's if it's not good for the player, even though it'll make more money, you don't do it and you know, in in meetings, if you talked about all of this feature will make more money, it was really frowned upon at least at the lower rank and file level idea, the higher as you get hired to that, they care, you know that. Yeah, but ten says all about this pragmatism, right? It's a business that you know, it's not clear, I insult. You know, there were lots of tensions over and you know this echoes in the Arctic v got cut with just a steady of that tencent overly monetize their players in riot, you know, was more about, you know, player I. And so when you talk to people actually allow the rank and file employees felt that the reason for the Hong Kong office, the main reason was actually to build a connection to Chinese players, ROY Moore features, players make him. Happier as you get further up the chain, the executives, you know, nor to the leadership level, they say things like, well, the business relationship they wanted to improve that. Yeah. Was it clear right when this deal was happening among the riot people that there were going to be some cultural issues at play? I asked because this is a company that I used to follow pretty closely when I was in LA because it's very much a local company and people seem pretty excited when the deal I happened. It was such a win for the local l. a. tech scene, but within within riot, was it initially? I mean, I think I think that it wasn't clear at the time because China wasn't a huge market yet, and that was the only source of conflict, right? Tencent actually left right alone in the rest of the world. They said, right, you can do whatever you want. You know, the game outside the China when it came to China, though that was the subject of contention. Was that right? Wanted to get more involved? And that's where the cultural clash was. You know, a lot of people at riot never saw interacted with like tencent person. You know when they were there. In Los Angeles, at least. Yeah. So, yeah, the only became an issue when China got big, right, right. And then you have this kind of amazing anecdote of basically tencent building a rogue mobile version of the game that is a total success in China. I mean something that right had no interest in to to begin with. Right, right. And that was like actually a a major point of contention within the company. Is that a and again, as an outsider, you think it's all just in coordinated. Right? That probably tencent, you know, got the permission from riot right helped with the game. You would. Right, right. And that's, that's the thing when I started that was like another point that kind of gaming in cleaned or something off is that you know, when that.

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