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Compare episode 88. Who's 88? I'll have to check it out. We'll edit this and we'll do it later. Yeah, we'll figure it out after. Oh, David post rock. David Foster Mark episode. Oh yeah. I think it might be him. Or Patrick Kane came to the bruins. You know, if the bruins actually pulled the trigger on a deal for Patrick Kane, maybe, I don't know what can be like 87, maybe that would be. It would just add another 8. You'd be aided in. 888. Yes. Hey, you know what? They're getting into the point where the Celtics are going to retire so many numbers are going to have to. Pretty much. They're like a 104 and a 130. Just do it. Who cares? Once you're the first one who, you know, it's like John Henry and Moneyball. The first one through the wall is always the bloodiest one. But once you do that, you set the trend for everyone else. Going to triple digits, who cares? We're going to have to start doing that and by the playoffs are going to be in triple digits. Oh, yeah. And the same with the Yankees, the Yankees are going to be exactly the use of triple digits. But I'm aronofsky. That is Connor Ryan Connor. What is up? Evan, doing well. How are you doing? Doing great. Doing great. And we are a few days away from the deadline. So the dust has settled, you know, and bruins beat me like full reacted in the moment. Now we've kind of the justice we've been allowed to sort of take stock of what we have. And the bruins went out, they solidified their back end. They did not do anything up front. Obviously, the people on Twitter, a lot of bruins and just saying, they didn't do enough up front. They're not looking at the defense and looking at just what was done up front. What is your reaction to the deadline? Yeah, I think it's like most debates we've had on this podcast where there's very two very contentious sides. I think we can find something in the middle, right? In that, I think, wrong answer. Exactly. People just clicked off the podcast. But no, you look at where this team is, they clearly got better. You get a guy like campus, a lend home, is going to help out your team, not just in terms of just his talents and what he brings, but just the versatility of now you look mcavoy, lent on college. You can switch those two. It gives you so many options..

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