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They believed devante. Davis has already proven himself to be an elite fighter. I believe yest- actually beat real opponents to be considered and lee fighter. Where do you stand in that debate. He hasn't been an elite fighter. So i can't call him in late yet and i think he's right outside your pound for pound list but i love how Both bracken awkward challenging you. They made some great points. And i gotta say man out of that that argument. It wasn't really an argument that debate. I adds it out to them because you made some good points to. They made some excellent points. And i agree with with with you on the elite part. But everything else i got to say. They made some good points. Good points today. listen. I don't have enough time to do. We're talking about even remember. You don't even remember you remember any of the good points. But like everything else you want to straddle the fence say you make good points but you may not know the. Here's one name an elite fighter that galop that that was a great point they made. They made several. I'm telling the dmitri's android that they try. Nature's andrew does another one. But here's my thing to on that like is android has the amateur background with germont. Davis does not have to meet your is android auto. He's at least seeking out those opponents. He's not had those opponents since it's because nobody will find him gotta go often for years did not have those points and by the way i don't have to meet your is android in my top ten pound for pound i did. I still have often at the back end of mine but gave him when he was fighting. Nobody's early in his career. So you can say whatever you want but if you're gonna put a guy top ten pound for pound beat more than jose pedraza. That's all i'm saying. That's the. I'll have him in my ten. I think he's outside of the top fifteen. Maybe because he's a pound for pound attraction he's a pound for pound power puncher and he's he's calling for popular so that right there makes them elite he's a ticket seller and i i'm on the i'm on the train. I think he's gonna be special. I think he's gonna crack the top ten rankings. Maybe this time next year but for right now he needs that dancing partner he needs that be side and he can continue doing what he's doing. That's destroying opponents He's gonna get bigger and bigger the pay per view. Numbers aren't gonna matter whether they're i mean whether they're higher lowered gonna matter because he's already doing. He's taking a page out of mayweather's book with when he fought god he didn't do over five hundred thousand buys you. I think he did i. Three hundred thousand now is a good start for pay per view from there just went on to four hundred five hundred six hundred thousand then now. He's the the pay per view king. Not look that made her star to go to jersey to face. We will leave it at that..

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