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Disciplines. Purpose is an essential element of you. It is the reason you are on the planet at this particular time in history. Your very existence is wrapped up into things are here to for field. Whatever you choose four career path remember the struggles along the way are only Mitt to shape you for your purpose mean that there's not a whole lot to say about this is just one of those just really really heartbreaking a year full of heartbreak. This one landed extra hard for a lot of people obviously, and we're praying for the Bozeman family and and I'm aware that they're checked into a really good church in Atlanta and hope that that in the weeks ahead they can be they can find a little bit of peace and solace the impact that Chadwick ad during his life. One of the things I didn't know about him. I saw TD jakes post after he passed and any mentioned that he'd never met Chuck. Bozeman, but but that Chadwick was a faithful member of the Potter House Church in L. A. which Sarah Jake's Roberts, who is on this podcast a week and a half ago is co pastor off and he was a member there and then so when I learned that he was a man of faith and then I went back and looked through by that speech, we just heard in so many of the roles that he played in. So many things he said in interviews. The through line of of intentionally and faith is there an almost everything? He did it is a life well lived and intentional seem like he was very intentional with everything he did and he'll be missed man it's painful like we were. Watching black. Panther where my kids a couple days ago and my youngest son is like I just love what content tech and then a my older son is like, yeah, I. Think I. Think I think they're gonNa make some of this stuff and then my youngest sons I know what is Israel and it's like that kind of. Because I grew up where you know in the superhero movies is the black thug gangster dues getting knocked out by the White Superhero Guy. So it's like you know Black Panther meanwhile I saw them in a civil war. Yeah. Out. Is I i. even for me Literally Hachette it's here at the end of the black the Black Panther movie just because I knew how. Important is knowing. Thurgood Marshall. Lying Jackie Robinson. He plays so many roles but then just to excellence they they operated in and then also to know off camera, he was a man of integrity like data dass what 'cause it's like Yo- he's the good guys winning. You know what I mean. So I for me was menaces does a hard one lie if white conservative evangelical down by fifty black people we down by like seventy right now. We always. Like. You look at the beginning of the year like Kobe Bryant, you know what I mean Anna's daughter. Then you look at these are people that are like. I held huge positions as far as people living you know obviously called issues but you know the life would a man of integrity made a mistake but you look I raise his daughters all that stuff like is this. Is Devastating, pressure. For me at least you know. All right. Well, thanks a lot tyler. I don't make the news..

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