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Grain of salt but also assume that he's right because in arguably as one of the smartest investors and he is the greatest investor of all time just from owning company perspective. Maybe you could make arguments that zuckerberg's better. Because he's wealthier bazo says but what i thought was the most important to consider for all young. Investors was put up two different contrast sides where he had twenty largest companies by market cap in nineteen eighty nine and then the twenty largest companies by market cap by march thirty. First twenty twenty one. And you'd probably guess this now but of the top. Twenty companies in nineteen eighty nine zero of them are in the top twenty today and basically his his takeaway from looking at these two slides. Is that it for the last thirty years. Stocks have been great generally but not individually. So if you're going to be a passive investor somebody who doesn't pay attention much. you need to own index. You can't be buying these individual growth names because it's a shot in the dark. It's a needle in a haystack. When you were buying fast growth tech in nineteen ninety seven in two thousand and you were just individually picking search companies. You're just individually picking online marketplaces or you're just individually picking internet providers. You were going to miss eighty percent of the time which would then give this underperformance of the market so what. I want one people to assume that if you're going to be an investor owned the broader market because it's going to perform particularly well but then when he starts to dive into these individual stocks that they own they are obviously heavy investors in apple six percent of the float. I mean it's contributed one hundred billion to their market cap in terms of growth in their performance. You have their willingness to concede. They've missed a few of these software businesses. That at least in hindsight seen no brainers you. How do you not by google. I can't figure out how they don't go..

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