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A colgate didn't have any quality wins the colgate had a really i guess i could say quality loss and that was to binghampton laws again we're not good enough yeah know it's it's a i think that's one reason why uh uh bok nails rpi sagger in whatever you wanna call 95 respectable ninety five whereas colgate is like a hundred ninety five is that lee is an amazing rpi great it's a may now he if by chance if by chance because it's only two teams gland yeah no shots were to win this kind of show do you follow them to the first round of the ncaa also what i've been through this movie before unfortunately we don't have a donald foil this time right that's where choked colgate is not a basketball school if it it's haughey ice you know they're in the willingness to produce football players as a consequence gets a good football school you know the the football team made it to the court to the semifinals i think of the you know the championship series football playoff d two years ago it got you know like greg manats ski who's the defensive coordinator is a colgate alum and late football at colgate uh my undergoing football good hawking's basketball's never been good except for some sociology professor was in the caribbean right in the here's a going him he wanted donald young kid named donald foil yeah docked in a who gives that who in the process like a 10year vet shot blocker in the nba golden state warriors and when they had they had him colgate played twice in the tournament uh they play kansas uh.

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