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The Guy in Washington that took all the names for the football team that he registered the the football trade yes. Yes he did. Scott. Shapiro everybody and Ed Derosa brought the twin spires and Brisbane? Net. And we're going to stay right here because moving right in is another pair of locals and I've. Wants not entirely local. One one has are has arrived here. One is arrived here from Philadelphia of course when we talk about Kevin, Kirstein horse racing k. k. and the other from the wilds. Of Glens falls up to screw lake the one and only voice of the downs and the Kentucky. Derby. Travis Stone Good Morning Are we doing? Coast Mafia in here right now, move a little closer turn the don't I don't get to look at me. You can just look at the Mike. Kevin Kirsten Good morning how you doing I'm good and we've had a rapid fire five days and Kevin. You've been drafted to do the invocation because Darren Darren Rogers has. Such a disappointment. It's what what can you say he? Kept, putting off, putting off, putting us off and and now he's now. So you you're the INVO-, cater I mean. Here. I am the one disappointment of the week. It's been crazy. It's been all that kind of stuff. The. One morning I don't go up to the fourth floor and hang out with cocker John and the boys up there and Beth and. I know doughnuts. I I I brought donuts one day. Give me a break. I. Listen I it. It was enough between the PAT downs and the cavity search and coming into these gates. The fish was sold out visual sold out that that was a disaster. Well as John Asher says, there are no bad derby..

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