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More importantly, than any of that there's sugar bear hair, an arm's length away from us at all times, and it is awesome. You guys know that have been growing my hair for a while, actually you're here. He's getting pretty long. It's pretty long. I'm in the inbetween awkward stage of where you want to know what really long enough, right? So I either get a haircut or just continue going. That's why I feel awkward stage lasts from three months to fifteen months. It's the it's the ranger still long. But thankfully sugar bear hair allows us to grow some beautiful locks, and I was gonna say earlier, I've been taking sugar, but here for I've been Gramma here for this point like eight or nine months. I'm still awkward stage. You're saying, but I don't think you are. Well, I think the awkward stage is starting to fade away. You were I look back at pictures of us from promote. Outing the podcast probably like two months ago you were in the states when I just didn't know you made a comment the other day you were like I don't think I've seen you not where beanie verdict seven or eight months, and I'm like, well, I'm still kind of in an awkward stage. You know what I mean? Like it looks decent flown out the bottom a mullet a little bit. Right. I kind of like, oh, I dig it. I like I love flow. I like my biggest thing when especially wearing a beanie with the hair flowing out the back because you think like Tom Brady two thousand six whatever the heck it doesn't ten get it, right. Man. He was ice showed. Ashley, a pitcher of Tom Brady from two thousand ten earlier today, actually keep because we're talking about the awkward phase in hair, and I say what what he has the best buddies thing that he was at. We saw pictures out and she says, oh, he looks as best right now. And I was like he does not and I showed her pitcher of and ten we had the hair flow, and I was like this, Tom Brady is I appreciate that you're doing with yourself to give a man credit for his best looking phase of his life, teen how many times a day, do I tell you how good looking you are. I'm saying I appreciate that you're on very comfortable very. Comfortable as well. I, I liked that there's no toxic masculinity on his podcast. Oh, none at all. Honestly, Vanessa's probably the most masculine. And that's a compliment to her. She could definitely I think Vanessa could easily beat us up. Yeah. At the same time. Yeah, I bet you she could squat more than me, she's got some powerful thighs legs. And again, I mean, the hat respectfully to s I'm engaged. She's strong down there. I'm single but that's has got some hot, damn lay that, right? It's this hope her boyfriend doesn't listen to that, or her or anyone listens embarrassing, and I know thinking about it because east and you're sitting right next to us as well. I'm not gonna say you're not know a masculine man. But I think you're in the same group as us where we're just self-aware. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Delta hand when you're born and you got to either play that hand to pretend you have something else, and we're just playing the hand were Dallas plain the hand that were dealt. Well, we're very excited to be here at wangled Tako like we said, Jonas brothers Taylor swift is performing. We're also going to have a guest, claiming Jerry before you talk about the guests though, I have something really important to do perfect. Pell is dating with dean, Vanessa Jared, an iheartradio podcast. How could have we forgotten about our intro song? We were flown pretty well without an interesting. I'm pretty proud of us. Yeah, that was really good. So tell us what we're going to have on today, so we're going to guess that was formerly on the bachelor. So a bachelor alum, I won't say who it is. I love it teaser. It's a female right? She'll be on the podcast in a little while was that sound by the way. That's my phone. I'm sorry. What are you doing? I was texting Vanessa about her legs. All right. Well, that's so we're excited to have her come here and talk to us about her dating life, and what she's up to. Let's before she gets you..

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