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Back is Vegas. Take sharp and Shapiro coming up here in a little bit. We're going to tell you why Donald Trump is telling people not to buy Goodyear tires. We'll get to that story here in just a little bit. It's unbelievable. Before we docs of unbelievable I have spoken out against Mykland. LF you don't know who Mike Lyndall He's the creepy my pillow guy. I've been speaking out against him for a very, very long time. Why, Because he's a fraudster because he's another guy, just like a Laura Ingram, who hides behind his religion. He wears that cross around his neck and talks about Jesus and God, and he's an oil snake oil salesman. That's what he is. Why do I say that? Well in his infomercials he had to for one pillows, which was a blatant lie. They raised the price of the pillows and they scammed their customers. That's number one. They also have an F rating from the better business Bureau. And there's a reason for that. Why? Because in his stupid infomercials about his miracle, my pillows they claimed in these infomercials that it cured headaches and certain diseases. You know, So if I'm one of those people and I say cured my diabetes because of my pillow, he would have put it up there and he would have had no problem with it. Guess what? They sued him. People sued this man and he settled out of court because he is a fraudster and he is a liar, and he's not allowed to say those things anymore. He's a snake oil salesman is what he is. Well, now guess what he's doing, folks. Now he's trying to tout this unproven Corona virus drug from this on ly under plant. Marketed as a dietary supplement, because that's what they do. You know it's a dietary supplement, but then they marketed as a cures The virus is there is not one prominent study a legit study that would suggest that this drug cures the corona bars. But that's what my clindell is doing in. My clindell happens to be friends with some people within the Donald Trump administration. So what happens? He gets a meeting with the Trump administration trying to tell this drug he's friends with the president and what happens he gets on this board from this dietary because he has now an investment in it. That is. What is Snake Oil. Say's salesman does not exactly that's called business, bro. You know, it's not called business. There's nothing that okay, So let me explain to you what businesses When then. What fraud is leveraging your connections if you have if you have investments to it to improve the standing of urine, Okay, if you're okay, very experienced that if you're okay as a business This person touting something that doesn't work and lying about it. Okay? What about ethics? There are ethics when it comes to business. You don't try to sell something. Just for example. Let me give you an example. You don't sell a car and lie about it and say, Oh, it's got another 50 or 60,000 miles on it. It's a great car, and then you take it off the lot. You find out it's a lemon and it breaks down. That is what my clindell is doing. He is selling something and it is a lie. There are ethics when it comes to business, and he doesn't have any. We really don't know if it's a lie or not. We just know it's not proven. OK, we wish so he's saying it is proven OK, saying it cures the virus. That is a lie. There is not one Actual real study that would prove that this drug works, let alone cures the virus. So let me play you a little bit of audio. He appeared on Anderson Cooper, CNN yesterday and Anderson started to grill him, Rightfully so. I thought Anderson did a really good job with Michael Dell over this new, unproven corona cure. Have a listen to this. You have no medical background. You're not a scientist. A guy called you in April, said he had this product. You are now on the board and going to make money from the sale of this product. Known reason he went out to you is because you have the ear of the president. So you hear our meeting with the president and know that your new modern fencer sleep tonight. That's what he says. How do you sleep at night just to give you a little bit of background on this drug. It's an experimental extract, was promoted to Trump during an Oval Office meeting in July. It's embraced by Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and my pillow founder and CEO Michael Adele. Who happens to be a big trump backer recently took a financial stake in the company that develops the product. A senior administration official familiar with the internal conversations told Axios that the involvement of the secretary of HUD in my pillow dot com is pushing a dubious product the highest levels that you give Americans no comfort at night about the health and safety during this raging pandemic. Also, But in June after a large trial, the agency revoked the authorization and warned of the risk of heart rhythm problems in covert 19 patients treated except struggle. There is no public data. Showing this drug has ever been tested on animals or humans for its effectiveness of Cove in 19, But the extract has shown some evidence of inhibiting the virus in a non peer reviewed laboratory study. My clindell, who's a major advertiser on Fox News and a personal friend of Carson and Trump helped Whitney get an Oval Office meeting with the president. S O. A senior official familiar with Carson's involvement noted that while Carson is Mike Lendell is not a senior. At least he's not a public servant, And he's not an elected official. He could invest into whatever company he wants to, and he can. He can exploit his relationships and his connections to try. Okay, maybe are okay. But that's totally within his right. And what you're talking about with the study. It sounds like there was a study done. But it wasn't one of the gold. Those gold standard studies. It was like Anthony like Anthony found she talks about even if you don't think I found you just said Talking about Anthony 1000. That has nothing to do with this story because we seemed every single time there's there's something and I don't care again. I've said this multiple times. I don't care who comes up with a cure for covert 19. I don't care if it's from Oleander over or if it's from. It's not from Obama or Bernie Sanders or a Satan. I don't agree with. This is long or still, Emmanuel. I don't care as long as A cure. This case is legitimately available for this. I agree. He is not involved mandatory AA mandatory vaccine. Where Maria not where If you don't take this vaccine that you may not be able to get into sporting event, every kid's going going on attention. Let's focus on what we're talking about here, Your JD Let's focus on what we're talking about. Here here focusing on Michael and L. The human being blasted the story. That's what we're talking about. Who did nothing wrong. But that the point of all that a second the plan you're saying things that are ridiculous Point is here, brother. You mean he did nothing wrong? There's a chance my God. For a Catholic, But you just here for the voices. Stop talking. And let's talk about Judy. With all due respect, you don't let me Don't let me fail because you're talking. And of course we all want because you don't know why I do agree that you don't Okay? Can I talk for 20 seconds? Okay, finish. Okay, Well, we all agree that we all want to cure for the virus. That is obvious. Okay, but we're not talking. So I'm finished. Then I finished. So you just want to be bright. You're not talking about this story. We're talking about Ashley talking about bringing up douchey and how we all want to know. We all want a cure. Up the virus and finding a cure for the virus. We focus on this interview, please, Michael, and LF you don't like Michael and L. It's not about not liking me that he's on the right track. Not about not liking. Let me be clear down. Let me speak. It's not about not liking my clindell. It's about the fact that he is touting a product that is unproven. That is no evidence to support the fact that it cures a virus. It's called not having any ethics. That's what we're talking about. We're not talking about Dr Fauci, what you just mentioned. We're not talking about how the majority of people in this country do you want to cure? We're talking about a drug that has no basis. In reality. We're talking about a drug that has no evidence to support the fact that it can cure the virus..

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