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This is in Washington County and 14 North bound between Barton dry than us 23 disabled vehicle in Port Huron Blocking the right shoulder 94 eastbound after I 69 Now WJR weather first from the weather Channel. Looks like we see some sunshine. Some clouds mixed in but still mild. The high of 42 Tonight too cloudy. Occasional showers. Overnight. Your low 36. Seeing some rain showers developing on into Friday morning periods of rain and snow and a high of 39 34 degrees. I'm Dana Clark WJR news with Maria's born in two minutes, whether it's 15 terrifying miles to the first date or 92 miles to meeting your very best friend and naming him Max, whether it's 300 eager back seat miles to funnel cakes and Ferris wheels. Or just setting toe work. Marathon has the fuel to keep your engine running at peak performance because you never know where life is going to take you. For quality fuel through every mile. Philip it marathon. Wakes up with Paul W. Smith on Newstalk 7 60 WJR Mark Lovin weeknights at eight on NEWS talk 7 60 Deluge A with no fees or minimums on checking and savings accounts. Banking with capital One is like the easiest decision in the history of decisions. Kind of like choosing Charles Barkley in a pickup game. We'll take Mark going, Pa first pick. Sorry, kids. Yep. Even easier than that. And with our top rated app, you can bank any time anywhere, making capital one and even easier decision. Okay, Here's the plan passed me the ball every time. This is banking reimagined, what's in your wallet? New consumer accounts only. Approval required terms. Apply Capital One and a member of the I. C. Mitch Album afternoons at five on news talk. 7 60 wjr form together. Rick Snyder, appearing in a Flint courtroom this morning, pleaded not guilty to two charges of willful neglect of duty misdemeanor charges. A major announcement later today in the Flint water crisis will be made by Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. Snyder spoke only twice during the proceedings Responding.

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