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So I had to figure out about that, though. Yeah, early in the morning to wake me up. Hey, Robin. Real quick. I just want to get make one ask you a quick question right now. Gun to your head. Will my trout ever be as good as Ken Griffey Jr. I'm gonna go with a finger gun to my head. But look for me forever right? He will never have the impact that Ken Griffey Jr did for me. I mean, like, I you know, used to wear my hat back where Ken Griffey Jr might be The reason I still wear my hat backwards today, right? Like it might have started over from that point. But if you ask, you know, baseball fans and and real baseball historians They say that that Mike Trout is arguably on pace to be the best player of all time. So I mean, I have to defer a little bit away from my nostalgia towards Mike trout. It's just so hard in baseball because It's you know, like Mike has never won a playoff game, right? And that's just the nature of that sport. So it makes it a little more difficult. Best baseball player in the best baseball player I ever saw was very bonds because Barry Bonds was in the arguments with Ken Griffey and arguably better than Ken Griffey even before he cheated, and so he was the best before cheating, and he was the best at cheating. A pre pre very pretty cheating. Barry Bonds was in the 40 40 club post cheating Barry was Babe Ruth. Right, Right. You know why? Robin's Yeah. Yeah. I appreciate the call there and thank you, man. Let's go to about Pete in Woodberry, Pete Europe next year with Robin Lundberg on the fan. What's going on? I don't know. Good. How are you? So third year on tomorrow? I didn't know that you on tomorrow On a Monday, not here. No. Okay, I am. I am. I am gone somewhere. But I am not on here. Places tomorrow, but not here. Yeah, okay. I told you on the stand tomorrow I thought it was understood. But nevertheless looking forward to hearing from you where your bed is today, and I'm calling because I have I have a quick question about Ah, quick to play comparison. They don't want to ask you about the ankle. That's with the whole 60 season thing. Mladic, Uh, Vladimir Guerrero, the elder or the, uh Glad he started 97. Each row 2000. They played about the same amount of years. Uh, one bloody more power for 150 home runs. Each row. Tangled, love, flabby None. Both won everything who you go if you had a big one for your career. Yeah, I guess I will. Slightly, um, lean each arrow. I mean, each of the non power guys might be the best fighter I've ever seen. On and he also you know, could was versatile in the value he gave you. Of course we know he didn't start his career here. So maybe things you know, it would look even better. If if he did. He played a long time in the majors, right? Almost 20 years, right, But nevertheless, yeah, I would lean each row. I gotta tell you, it's like, 80 20 against me. When I asked that question to my body's, so I'm glad to hear that answer at school. Thea other thing is I could easily see this season going down. You see? So I want to yank Metz and sixth game season I could easily see them. That's going a game to better over the Yanks. In the sixth game season going 37 23. 36. 2400 things. Um you know, a couple injuries. My question to you is this and as I as I also noticed the last caller Brought up a good point. People are playing. The people that are playing. I noticed most recently. Buster Posey, Ryan Zimmerman. Ah guys, that really are. Not going to be impact players or guys on teams that have not really much of a shot. I'm not saying guys. Real competitive teams. Allah, my trout. Get O R. Garrett Cole with the baby coming. Of opting out yet, so I'm curious to see that but my question would be with the bullpen withdrawal. This Chapman now getting the cove it I know they're getting 37% So I did a rough thing. 37% of his 18 million will call six million, right. Let's say he gets for 14 days. Take a 15 day deal. He gets 1/4 of the deal. He has to be out of baseball. Does that mean he gets a $1.5 million he doesn't get like like a regular disability? Or is that guaranteed money? Oh, I don't know exactly how the I would imagine when he's on the injured list. It would work just like any injury and heading injury, right? Yeah. No, I don't think that I mean, I don't think the players would have stood for that right. It will be. It'll be treated like any injury. Whole other being not being disclosed it unless they have the permission, But I appreciate the call man. In Chapman's case, a CZ much as I was saying before, you know depth is going to be important in this baseball season because of a new variable one. You know the season shorter, but two guys are going to be out because of covert. It's just a matter of fact, right? Captain's should be back near the beginning of the season. I would imagine. Hopefully that that is the case. Given the timing here, you know it wasn't you know, as long as he's OK, and we seem to Ah, the indications are that he is Then I don't see him missing a whole bunch of time. Maybe the very beginning of the season. I don't know with the you know protocols require Once you Ah.

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