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What was intellectually what was what was their expedience lake and often every public event there was at least four or five people would come on on twitter and talk about how great this people people people did call on that. This is the future of conferences we did. We never said that. This is the picture of conferences but then is our is happy customers. Happy people ended in me this intervening nineteen december at the border between said the business Conference that gave us the confidence. And then then. I think of my investors previous company. I got with them and then arista. Cd's Cds a raise the st joan Early twenty twenty and then and then since then be hide what people are built the virginal department of be our just for what is inside of in on it and made a more stable product and then learned from customers learned a lot about the even industry as such i. I don't even industry. I i definitely have you know inexpedient windy but then the mindset of the person is organizing an event especially big unit Meter something which is which anybody can organize right and we we keep organizing house parties and beat up dot org capacities. Eddin movie will pull up on france major conference that that's a different persona rates. That persona who are you know as an active users and and gotta know that events that position very differently beat up is a has has a very local meaning bar a conference very high demeaning par right and those are two different platforms speakers of you. Look at these events differently of some speakers would not even come for a meter are only if the meet up is organized by so much over the very high prominence. So and then what does it take to make on prints accessible right stakes very high there. And why do people have parallel tracks and again approaching everything from very fundamental lens right where it makes sense in the western world rock right. Why would people sit through eight to ten hours In front of in front of a screen late for even if it is actually white sugar to be eight hours in a stretch be spread the word..

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