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Twenty nine I'm sure in middle men here's our top story three Americans are dead including a Buckeye man after a large fire fighting air tanker crashes during a fire bombing missions southwest of Sydney Australia let's see one thirty water bomber crashed during a mission Australian investigators say there's no indication at this stage of what caused the crash that killed first officer Paul has on a black eye along with two others Arizona governor Doug Ducey called huts and a hero with a life dedicated to service as ordered flags statewide to be lowered to half staff Hudson was a Naval Academy graduate spent twenty years in the marine corps retired as a highly decorated lieutenant colonel he is survived by his wife Jim cross KTA art is a second confirmed case of corona virus has been confirmed by the CDC the patient had recently traveled to China when she returned she reported feeling sick Chicago public health commissioner doctor Allison are what he says the patient is expected to recover the patient is a woman in her sixties and a Chicago resident most importantly I'm pleased to report she is clinically doing well and is in stable condition the CDC says there are sixty three cases of patients that are now under investigation but so far only two are confirmed positive for the corona B. virus two people were killed earlier today after a building exploded at Watson grinding in manufacturing in northwest Houston the blast damage some buildings and homes nearby here's Houston police chief art Acevedo we have no evidence at this point the terrorism was involved we don't have any evidence today criminal and intentional actors involved thorny say the air quality.

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