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Josh Jilin ski the financial quarterback. We're gonna talk later on Larry cudlow is saying the fed should immediately cut rates. And why I'm saying maybe they should just hold them. And I don't know why you know, it's interesting. You know, I think the the fed hike swirl. Suspect. But why should we keep cutting rates? I I don't see the point. So go ahead. We're going to the phone lines. And we have Scott your own with Josh jelenski. The financial quarterback lead. Josh thank you for taking my call. I enjoy your show very much. I'll be sixty six and a couple of weeks. My wife is sixty four and we have very similar earnings for social security, and I'm trying to figure out what's the most beneficial way to take social security, and maybe take advantage of file and rescind or spousal benefits and those type of things I will give you some tips. But I always encourage everybody and since it's been a while since we offered it. We will offer the maximize my social security conversation where I'm going to give you some tips on taking social security, but you want to find the best strategy to maximize lifetime benefits my recommendation. Would be. You could go to maximize my social security dot com. Spend forty dollars or if you spend an hour with us. We will show you the get what's yours the revised secrets maxing out your social security program by professor caught Lokov which will show you the optimal strategy for you with your individual numbers. But the first question I have is we're either of you born prior to January one nineteen fifty four. Yes, I was. Okay. So. That's interesting. If it's similar one of the things, I would I would focus on we meet for the program and this week will be in Long Island, New York City. Short hills, New Jersey Hackensack New Jersey, conserve New Jersey, red Bank and Princeton. So in round the country through the iheart radio app and webinars so call us at eight eight eight on Josh and get the free maximize my social security review, but you may want to look at you. Taking spousal off of your wife and leading hers. So she would collect you would take half of hers and let yours girdle seventy. Now, she can't do that for you. Because she's born after January one nineteen fifty four, but you may be able to do that does that makes sense. So that's a cool technique. Does that make sense for you or she would take the social security, so she would take her full retirement benefit at sixty six. Not only sixty four. Well, then that that may be an issue. But typically what she might do. So then, you know, that's why you gotta do the program. But one potential thing is she would collect at sixty six when she collects it sixty six she would get you would then file for spousal. Right now. You can't really get spousal until the other spouse collects, otherwise, you can get it off your benefit. You also may want to have her collect her own benefit. Now, you let yours girdle seventy. There's different tricks like that. You really don't know until you run all the scenarios, but I'm giving us some ideas that I've seen that are a little more counter conventional the sixty four so she would take it. Now, you would take it at seventy that's one option. Another option is. You would file right? Then she would take spousal when she turned sixty six then you would stop yours and let it grow for two more years. There's different little tricks. You can do. And sometimes it depends on imports. You put in the system, you know? Meaning if you put into the system, you're gonna live into the nineties, it'll tell you a different optimal plan is if you might live to your eighty five so life expectancy is also critical when you're doing these projections does that make sense. Understood. And there's a lot of different permutations and combinations. Of the right social security move. That's why I would recommend you you meet us for the maximize my social security review. But those are a couple of tips that are maybe outside the box. You know, you could also take yours right now. And if it's similar you can let hers grow. But she's not going to be able to do the file and suspend thing because of her birthday, right? Understood. Understood. So the tricks are more. On your side. But she could still do some interesting things. But but some of the counter conventional ones. Would be you know, she takes hers. Now, you let yours girdle seventy another scenario and these are all scenarios we would run with you in person. And then you also need to factor in life expectancy. Meaning if you tell the program, you're gonna live to a hundred right? It's going to tell you the same thing the ladle seventy right. So there's a difference between maximizing your benefit and optimizing, it is that makes sense. Could. And that's why you don't even just want to buy the software without me because one of free, but to it all depends on the inputs, one of the things I learned when I worked with some of these programs is there thinking, you're going to have two hundred you may, but you may not you know, what I mean? So I would rather put in what if you live to eighty six or eighty four eighty eight. And then because some of these things it's better to delay. If you live beyond eighty three or eighty four so if you lived about eighty three they're all the same which is kind of funny, but you know, when you factor in lost opportunity cost. Meaning if he took it early you could invest it or spend it see yet enjoyment any other questions on that. That's it. I'm gonna call for that analysis and thanks so much for your time. Josh, thank you. You get one hour with us. And and you get the free analysis. If you want the analysis done at the meeting, I always tell people bring in the essay dot gov green sheets because if you don't sometimes it takes two meetings, and that's fine. You know, we'll give you two meetings of you don't have all the documents ready, so eight eight eight nine at a Josh two meetings for the price of numb. Eight hundred eighty Josh next up. Gordo gordo. Go. Good morning. I'm glad you were brought up the. Of the lift IPO, which. Should've reminded me of a question that I had for a long time. And I'm sure you can help me clear it up where I live in Brooklyn, New York. And in my neighbourhood, I rarely see a yellow taxi cab cruising around the street looking for fares. Typically in my neighbor, right in I myself, use it if I need to go from one of my residents are the place, and there's no public transportation available. I call a car service, and you tell them I want to go from point eight point. Can you send a toll road to to pick me up and take me there? And when can you do it? Now, it's hard for me to. From what I understand. I don't know all the ins and outs list naturally. But it seems to me that this company is more or less a big car service. I wonder how we differ materially from from a smaller cost showbiz. We call and say you want to get from one place. And maybe they have refinements like they can put their drivers in some sort of a cue where? The nearest rival gets the picked up once CEO. And the next news drive. It gets to pick up the next fail. Available customer available. I was wondering if you could hide any, you know, not about this situation. I actually use the lift more than Uber. I find it easier for me for some reason I was at some airport. In the west coast, and lift was easier to get an Uber. They're over here in New York. Uber's easier. It's a ride it's a ride sharing app. But let's say you're cheap. Right. And you don't want to..

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