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Zero two five eight hundred seven seven one one or two five. Is this Derek for the Billy Madison show, drew, do you understand how talented you have to be to throw a frisbee into a quote unquote, trash cans and be high, while the hand coordination understand why you hate us so much. I don't get that. You're not way. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold the phone. You're not. You're not a disc golf enthusiast. I love it. I love. Have you ever been discussing? I have not. Oh my God is is I love to smoke, obviously and disc all I just don't understand why the people get out there. The people can get aces and shoot. Good scores on frisbee golf. I would love to see you throw frisbee. It is one of the hardest things ever. Oh, no doubt. I can't do it. Don't make no mistake about it in no way, shape or form. I it's easy to do. I can't I can't do it. I would I would be as bad at disco regular golf, which is horrible the differences, right? I enjoy playing golf. I can go out and shoot one hundred fifty and then, walk off the course and go damn that was fun spending time with my buddies, just like you might after throwing the whammo around. And how how long are the holes just out of curiosity? When you go to quote unquote tee off with your with your disc. How, how long does each hole? I don't know probably. It's probably less than a hundred yards. I only play like short courses because I don't like the walk that much. So usually nine holes. So there there's much there's larger holes in just like there is regular goal. But I only play like the short poor two of our threes or those, but it's, it's an incredibly talented thing to be able to frisbee like the doubt doubt feelings hurt. I'm sorry. I'm not lumping you now. I know at least one cool dude who is a disc offer. So you've actually done good here because you have shattered a stereotype in that I thought, no one, I like admire or respect would ever play golf now I know there's you so if there's, there's probably three or four other people out there that I know of, and now I know the next time you Tampa, you and I are getting hired a mug, and we're going to go out and we're gonna play some disco followed up by some wiffle ball, some toss across, and then we'll do a little horseshoes while we're at it. You don't like what ball either I love with. What are you kidding me? Every every American male love wiffle ball for God's sake. Well, I'm gonna have to. Because right now I'm in a I'm gonna swamp because I'm getting I've gotten high every day for the past month, and I've just laid call of duty for about seven hours. So I'm gonna get the Tampa worth little warmer. Maybe I can get outside 'cause is call of duty, getting high thing really ruined my life. Yeah. You need to give up the call of duty, not to get high. I can't help but I've played too, but I you know now that I really I'm on the phone with you. I realize how much of a loser, you're not at all. I really am. Well, man, I'm glad you called, and it was good to speak with you again. I miss you. And I hope you guys get to Tampa soon. So I could see you again. I promise my first round of disco. We'll be with none other than Derek from the Billy Madison show. I can't wait to kiss. You sounds good. Sweetheart..

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