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Williams on it running back. We'll play fake it to him, but the rolls to his right tucks. It slides to a stop outside the 15 at the 16 yard line. Six yard pick up Gavin Williams is from Altoona, Iowa, want to Des Moines Dowling? He'll be the fourth running back for the Hawkeyes today. Padilla's just come on for Spencer, Peter, US at quarterback. But he is under center. Well, said I behind him. Hands off to Williams and Williams is hit down at the line of scrimmage, maybe fell forward for a half a yard. To Shawn Mallory made to stop No gain. Third down and four Ball at the Iowa 16 yard line. The Hawkeyes with a commanding lead. Great. To defensive line and went off the field. One came on. We got a late coming in here. Snap back to Vidia right sideline throw where everybody's had an incomplete Pressure from Drew Beazley. Rupees has been a great story at Michigan State. Walked on. When he had other offers included plenty of Max rules. Had earned his stripes to He sure did. And I don't believe he was a preferred walk on. I think he was a walk on walk on, but At any rate. He's certainly earned his stripes and now starting defensive end Punning is Taylor. Fair catch called for at the 36 Yard Line. Two are left by Jaden Reid. And we'll stop the clock after a 48 yard punt and no return. Eight minutes flat to go in the game. The scoreboard reads I'il 49, Michigan State. Seven. This is the TCF Bank Spartan Media Network. With MSU Federal credit unions New.

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