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The sabers killed off the last fourteen. How old is that? They have faced. Again. The Raleigh kill is a very big role. Tonight. Got it off the boards out the center picked up there at my Niskanen and yoke and up with it on a stick again before giving it to Orlov Orlov players your crusader. Let's deflected in deep. Pederson want around behind that. Cover up. Shoveled back behind the goal that up by Tennessee. Addison fees with along the boards. Didn't get it out. Now, it comes out the center, and it's clear to an open wing moving after it. And keeping it in there as buffalo Reinhard tried to get a DIKO Eichel swings. It over to the goes. Tap in behind the net has got it again dipped it back to the blue line. But it went all the way to center ice were scandal. Slows down caps recovered Eller turds got it up on the way that went up escape role. Washington too many men out there that the scramble to get back to illegal size. Thanks, Jordan under the boards again, Kip into Niskanen back in the corner. He'll send it high in the air to center knocked down by middle staff who had turned gets knocked down in a postal Briggs back in over the line, though, also getting around this. What's keeping it in front denigrate chance several pulse, and it slides off Carter. Shelley got knocked down and ends up back in the buffalo taken away by scam. But he can't get it out. Whatsapp blows wide. That's wrong Sherry in the class ace della taking a back scandal scoops it up the middle. Left. There were middle staff who can't get away as he got checked by Carlson. On the wing to Siegenthaler. Coming up with it sending it onto a batch good who fired a true center ice the Baxter gets it on. Shot at high and wide taken away. By Thompson, mix it up on the way. The center ice common. Bill flips it in beat that close to the corner and common grill finishes up with a solid jolt on catch me. Sabers keeping it alive in their gaps. Credit get it out of their own hands finally gained possession and send it on to center ice. So that's wrapping it back long past. Now, MRs everybody, that's a nicic. Well, back early in the second period. Thank you, very. Here's gonna get hit on the wall by Wilfred down for a second worked his way over to the box. And has not and will not return hockey game here tonight. Favorites. Once again short match on the decide five men. Lucca spun high in the year through center down the risk was back after risked allied. And then Ovechkin collide again, I gets it on to center ice Pogosyan continues with the rush right through the goal. Kept him. Just. By the way to the point that goes in with a shot. Let's the. Elected. Skinner blast one. He goes, and it's taken away. Gets up and he gets the center in pass had woken up by buffalo. Back by Washington. It up on the boards workers that saw the line and charging after that goes behind the net fed back into the coroner back to the point dabs holding it in. Those wider net is tipping around on the boards because that's not after it again. Shot right on but hecklers there to make the save. A good opportunity down low, and they do a nice job is getting the puck to the net. Zack is going to start it all defeating the puck to the front Eichel is gonna get opportunities dinners out in the front. Sam Reinhart is sneaking around here's another shop negotiation. I was gonna get another opportunity Skinner just everybody just keeps getting opportunity to do an awful job of getting that puck to the outside the sabers this continue to have that block of we'll get opportunity opportunity. Just not able to capitalize. Diner? Hammed around on the boards. Oshii Bill battling for it. Larson tried to pry it free low. She's got a after the skates. Knock off the puck, Darlene. Bumping with Ovechkin. Raleigh and took the puck away. Didn't get it out. But got it up on the wing Larsson will jam at the center, and it's tipped in over the line by Rodriguez. Sped off the corner is your concerns. Intercept camps coming back again. Buffalo territory. And say from blend range by Carter Hutton now. Buffalo will get all for Carter. Hutton's added in great. That's the thirtieth shot. He is faced so far tonight. The big line once again. Trading. A good chances better comes off the left wall into the center of the ice spread. Bhai Backstrom Oshii in front of the net. But Carter museum right there. Standing tall getting help from his bare the puck in front. Shovel behind the net. This recovered by the caps and keep it in by sending it across ice worked hard into the corner as a shot, right odd Hutton to save. And it's chipped out. The Senator Borlaug back after it. Buffalo changing. We're back in front a chance for it goes away. Border. Stuck around on the boys would not out Orlov giving it in. Bounces behind the net came out in front and a stolen away. This time. Willa poso. So gaining center. He flipped it in over the line trying to get back again. But the caps law takes it away. Roelof looking for a note. Clint let his team is changing. And he slows things down twelve and a half minutes to go here in the third three three. Garden through center deflected down the ice. Taken back by buffalo saliva. Shoveled it in behind the net getting it around Poso didn't get it out. But now it goes to center ice and is brought right back in again on an upside pass to Travis Boyd twelve oh, seven Romeny. This is the third period from Washington free three. This is the Buffalo.

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