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All right. My slick talkers, I have a special surprise for you guys super thankful for all the support and everyone tuning in I've been doing about three episodes a week now just because I'm so booked out on the show. which is always a good good thing. So thank you guys for making this possible I. WanNa treat you guys with something So I created a little virtual event has accused in a happy hour with me and I will be inviting some of the past slick guess. So go ahead and follow the instagram and facebook pages for the PODCAST. In the show notes of this episode. In future episodes, I will be putting the link for you to register for the. QNA It's free and the first ten people that sign up today and whenever you hear this, go sign up now the first ten people I'm watching I will buy your drink whether it's a coffee, a wine or a beer I will buy the first ten people the registered today. So go ahead check out the show notes click the link that is the Qa happy hour, and then once you do that register for the event, it's free and I ten people I will pay for your drink. So go ahead, sign up. I can't wait to meet you guys and for just to be able to talk about hospital and podcasting, and it's no you on a little bit of a deeper level I figured you know twenty two thousand dollars a year to do this and so thank you guys in the first ten people on watching so. Grab Drinks. Let's go. Your of course, the holidays are incredibly sensitive dynamic and. Very diverse, all these these types of things Everything needs to work together this harmony to to continue takes us. Harmony right and so I think that story isn't known by everybody I. Think they feel like nature is incredibly robust indestructible. But when you get down into the details, you understand enter the relationships between all those organisms and that for us in that Habitat you realize how precious precious is and so. That that experience that knowledge is GonNa hopefully change your value of the environment and how you treated and realized that. Yeah few polluted, just a couple. Your package that you're on guard, you choose to drink the water bottle. Let's going to end up in that net trim Burma's GonNa. It's GonNa. Affect it some way. Yeah. So I think it's you know it's through experiences like clamping that can hopefully change the minds and hearts of people. To. Put more of themselves behind solutions that we already have dissolve allow these problems. To slick talk, the hospitality pipe ask were we discussed all things, hospitality hotels and business. You can find us online at slick talk the PODCAST DOT COM and on every podcast listening platform. All right everybody. Welcome back to slick talk the hospitality podcast of Your House will slickers and the day is a really cool gas gets introduced as all very cool This one's a little unique I get. We could talk a little bit star wars probably at the end of it This is a this is an awesome guesting. Dustin is a CEO creator of Poultry House, which is also growing.

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