Brooklyn, Verrazano Bridge, Wabc discussed on Mark Levin


ABC traffic in transit well the northbound side of totally Avenue route wanted down and re open now at eighty third street in north Bergen accident there cleared south down Hutch coming down into orchard beach the right lane is blocked due to a large pothole which is caused actually a couple of broken down vehicles they've succumbed to that we're looking at some heavy traffic in Brooklyn on the a VQ eagle wanted from flushing Avenue down towards the prospect expressway with an accident in down no traffic a little slow for the prospect into Hamilton Avenue that a great ride on the beach we up to the cashiers go bridge and slow traffic on the belt parkway heading eastbound alpha the Verrazano bridge afterwards at bay parkway with accident I'm Jeter lace talk radio seventy seven WABC the underground in the files of a hidden somewhere under the broken steel of a nondescript building we once again made contact with a leader van hello everybody mark living here are number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one.

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