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So she doesn't need that Ginny the thyroid medications anymore and would she came in? We we were able to do we did the hair and saliva bioenergetics scans gave her a hormone support her thyroid support she needed tankers support also in she lost. She lost that weight DNA. We're going to do the DNA is going to be used also to help you keep the weight off to keep her to keep her as as healthy as possible and. Your thyroid is really important when you're talking about people that are coming in a lot of times with mineral imbalances and things like that that affects the thyroid a lot thyroid really that. I gotta get bind with sodium to get into the cells of the thyroid for work. So that's why you know, people have a sluggish thyroid. A lot of times you'll see wake gain. And the problem might not even be with the thyroid. The problem might be with the fact that your body's not as has a mineral imbalanced, and the the the idea may not be with you get into the cell of the thyroid gland. So that conversion to T forty-three is really get. That's the that's sort of the gas pedal to the metabolism so to speak, and if that's not happened the right way. So if you're if you're having a hard time losing weight, you have a mineral imbalance and let short imbalance meaning your body is an absorbing water properly before because of that you'll be affected on the weight loss. And and now if you're let's say the thyroid if you've got thyroid issues and not be able to lose weight a lot of times, we'll see the thyroid. Not being able to get the even the chemicals the minerals into the thyroid to get the whole process going. So that'll slow it down. Also. So it's all important bodies. Just an amazing amazing mechanism. But unfortunately, here, and there we'll see a few issues come up a few imbalances come up, and that's all it takes really is a few and balances and getting it going the wrong way. And you're gonna stay going the right wrong way. And then conversely speaking, you get a move in the right way. It's just the body heals. So great on its own the once, you get it. He'll in the right way. You're going to be able to keep it going that way and get on the road to health and stay on the road health..

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