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The bathroom is the father of josh powell who suspected of killing his wife susan cox powell back in two thousand nine before killing himself along with his two young sons in two thousand and twelve pierce counties top law enforcement officer says we we have to rethink the way we deal with the mentally ill speaking to the senate lawn justice committee sheriff pulp astari said it just doesn't make sense to send aloft asserted deal with someone is mentally ill or suffering an emotional crisis even if we have crisis intervention training even if we have men health professionals involved health professionals call us elsewhere make an ankle of the situation when it gets out of hand when it gets to violent fat said we should invest everything we can to try to have the best outcome a peaceful outcome a decent processed outcome for these people the sheriff's comments come three weeks after seattle police shot and killed thirty year old charlie in lyell's family members had the pregnant mother of four had suffered mental illness for about a year before she was killed by police responding to a burglary call at her apartment the westbound lanes of the 520 floating bridge will shut down this weekend for construction us charlie harger tells us that means there's going to be some new extra rams for drivers first thing monday morning while the floating bridge itself open to traffic more than a year ago the elevated road waves that lead to the bridge had been undergoing construction crews will make the connection westbound over the weekend opening the new exits to lake washington and motley boulevards but be prepared the state dot st pierre tells us these new exits will sneak up on you dart about a mile before the current round of drivers are going to have to be uh very aware of their th rounding what they're doing and make that much earlier than the two of the westbound direction shutdown late friday night through early monday morning charlie harger komo news komo news time four thirty four aaa traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's let's get over debris in iraq and find out how the.

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