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Join me live on the show. Today is Whitney web to discuss some bombshell absolutely paramount information in regard to the Epstein case that you are absolutely gonna WanNa hear. We're also GonNa talk about many things we always do. We're going to go through after we open today with the Epstein discussion and go through some clips that she's GonNa talk about it and give you some context around and then we'll get into some more discussion about what's going on today in regard to the propaganda that seems to be on overload right now in regard to the you know where this whole thing started and we can clearly see a two party paradigm playing all this as well some of the things we always go over but let's start off today's get right to it with something that. I'm sure you're very interested to see what I welcome Whitney to the daily wrap up. Thanks for joining me today. Hey It's great to be here that's it should. This'll be a new interesting difference for people that have been used to really wrap up the and and this is as they know you particularly have been somebody focused on the Epstein case. Your work in I think above most all else that I've seen is really some of the most powerful all encompassing work about the entire story and really. That's one of the things we're going to get into today. Is How much is commonly left out. Even as they're you know seemingly like to talk about the story today in the mainstream media so why don't we get into it? You know what it. What have you been researching on this out of the stars understanding was Maria Farmer who spoke to today and this is one of the first victims that actually went forward about Epstein. You know flu elaborate and tell us what you found. That's right so arm. Yesterday I talked to Maria farmer. Who as you said is the first victim of Epstein? Her Sister Anne was also a victim was the first to go to the authorities about Epstein in nineteen ninety six and It was over three hours You know we talked for over three hours. I was just blown away because I had read about her story. Mainstream media reports and I thought I knew what had happened to her and upon talking to her in her telling me her story. I realize that they have told less. I would say less than five percent. And she said the information she gave to me she had given all of these people and none of them reported it so I don't I don't know if I've ever hated mainstream media more than I hate them today. You know because honestly if they had done their job this would be so different and that goes for the F. B. I. also She she ended up calling. She told me right off the bat in the beginning of the interview that she thought the FBI was justice abusive as Epstein in Bali. Maxwell I mean that is insane when you consider this is supposed to be the institution that protects these women right and she says now. They're there to keep them safe there to protect them and that she's been in hiding she's had to go to all live and all these different rural areas moving around the country in hiding for years. Why these people walk free and the reason I wanted to talk to her on. It is because of this recent ruling out of Florida where they basically said that the sweetheart deal on that obscene gotten like two thousand seven that said that his co conspirators cannot be charged for any of the crimes listed in that case Walk free for good and that includes Glenn Maxwell that includes Leslie Wexner that includes everyone that was involved and it is a lot of people that were involved and it is just amazing. How cowardly mainstream media is for not doing this sooner I just arm in this girl. This woman lived. It was like a horror movie. I just could not believe What she lived through. I have some clips as she. She was gracious enough In brave enough to say you know the the call arm that that we had that she. It was okay to share parts of what she said. So we have a couple of those ready on if you want to go into the first one at talks about the What she had to say about the FBI absolutely and just real quick. I want to note. I had a great interview with David Mayes Winkle today in regards to the nine eleven grand jury and I just have to say how overwhelming it is to see so many ways that people who are the government or the mainstream media. Pretend that they're fighting for are the very people that they're in fact stem. They do this nine eleven survivor. People that are right now. The very ones trying to introduce evidence and they're not letting them while they pretend they're fighting for those same people same thing here whether the media the government is just so disgraceful that they pretend they're fighting for that truth while they're stepping on the listen to this clip and we'll keep talking. I mean I can't even explain to you. How abusive the F. B. I. S? It's unbelievable to me. I mean they first of all never offered me witness protection in when I called them they knew I was telling believe me. They knew what they knew everything I was telling him they already knew. Because they're in on it and it was so weird his reaction when I was talking to him. You know I call them and I got some answer. And then he passes me to some guy who's like when I start talking about wexner you know and I asked the guy do you have. This is all over the phone in Nineteen ninety-six I said. Do you have a file unless wexner? And he said why. And I said he's the head of the snake in this in America and I don't even know I was in Tueting this just and also I think it's common sense when you see all the stuff going on and anyway when I said that him he said Oh yeah I don't know maybe we do and I said well he's he's these people are are using child pornography and they've stolen photographs of my sisters that that right there would have been life in prison for Jeffrey England. I still have the envelopes with their touch DNA and fingerprints on them and the FBI will not take them from me. They never would. It would never take the envelopes that they stole. I mean they photograph out of these envelopes. And I've proved I still have the envelopes Whitney and the FBI was like yeah. We don't we don't need that. They also knew in Nineteen ninety-six that I'd been trafficked and Anne had been trafficked and that would have been enough to put them away but they never cared they didn't care and the worst part was lamed everybody. I named Donald Trump named everyone who I thought was the co-conspirator at the time so I named like Alan Dershowitz Donald Trump Absolutely the Clintons You know these are people that I saw coming and going that I knew part of it and I made it really clear that this is a very scary thing for children and that I see between five and ten girls day going upstairs upstairs and now that I know happening to them I want it to stop. Wow I know it's unbelievable and that is just a fraction of what she told me about. What the FBI debusschere that is just like honestly just a blip on the radar for for all of the stuff. They did to this woman and not only that she called the FBI is abusive. Jeffrey Epstein galet Maxwell. She called pretty much every mainstream media reporter who had ever talked to her like prostitutes a disgrace and she called one of them who will get to in a little bit a monster. I'm really like I'm really glad that she made. It's obviously the truth were there. Were you know that she's reporting a bit both sides arguably in the fake two-party idea that we're not talking about just the Clintons or just Donald Trump? Just ask you I'm blanking on his name. All of a sudden she just said it Anyway the point is that they're also all science you know is that this is not something. That's just a political thing right. This goes far and above and beyond all of that. And that's why what's interesting is something like this. We'll get ignored by the people who don't WanNA point out the false on their side of the two party paradigm and that's why it's so catastrophic to the truth but you know please continue. I mean this is a really powerful stuff. I mean I'm just GONNA go over a little bit of what happened to her Not In super great detail because you know we have a lot to get through today but Essentially she started working for Epstein as an adult and she was essentially forced to work for him because she was an art student at the New York Academy of art and it was the dean of that school woman named Eileen Guggenheim Who basically tried to marry her off to some like rich guy in England and then basically you know forced. Her was like very aggressive and sent her to go work for Epstein and she was doing stuff like interior decorating and doing art and things like that eventually they. She wanted to leave because she was uncomfortable with. A lot of stuff was going on pedophilia or anything like that. You know in for prolonged time. She didn't really understand. He thought they were Super Weird But at some point they sent her to live with the wexner at their guest house. Because Abigail Wexner Leslie. Wexner wife wants an artist and residents and they tell her that he's going to be able to do all the stuff when she gets there. She's GonNa be painting murals in all this stuff major media by the way totally screws up this story anyway. She was kept in that guest house for three months. She wasn't allowed to leave she. They basically starved her. They told her she was going to be able to go and eat at a country club. They went. She couldn't go. She went like three times accompanied by some person that was clear Hazel. She said that that was basically babysitting her epsteins behalf. I mean she was basically in prison there and you know she was there for three months right in about once a month. App Seen Him in Maxwell would come and on the last time they tried to rape her and she Barely escaped with her life. She said that the bodyguard For Leslie Wexner who introduces himself as her right hand as his right hand. Man as webster's right headman had come to kill her basically and she like locked herself in the House called everyone she knew had ever met in her entire life made a huge stink and she said that the whole guesthouse was bugged. All the other houses that we've heard about all Epstein residences. This house was bumping..

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