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Right? That would have your nominee. Thank you very much Relieved. Thanks for calling. All right. Consider it on the list. It usually gets it. But But that is the first vote for this this year. But like I said, he went on to have AH, Radio show on K P. V. C, which had ah lot a different radio shows that were interesting and out there in Pasadena, And in fact, Johnny Otis had a show there for a while. But in what can the follow up was nervous. And no, I refuse to do that to you. I like y'all too much to play nervous. But if you don't call 8888765593, we've got Sam again in Illinois. Welcome back, Sam. You want. Thank you Rally. A. Yeah, returned collar. But you know what I want to say. I think it's either a pencil up and possibly, but I want to talk into my request that you might play. Nina Simone's black is the color of my true love air because I think if I got Some support behind my campaign. I'd win. You have to see it's not eligible. The deal is they have to be hits. And I know what we might make that happen here. Sure. You might make a pitch. Oh, my God. Oh, jeez. Don't even go there. No, no, no, That's the only rule. We have any any genre any decade, but it has to be ahead. Oh, man. Come on, you know there. There are so many records just like it like John John Lewis and the rave on doing I'm a nut. You know, I can think of a ton of them that thank God don't qualify. How bad did I do on the trivia? Well, it's not a panderer pencil you want. You want other guests, man? I'm really striking out here tonight, man. Well, you know, this isn't as bad as last week. I mean, this is a legitimate good answer. Just nobody's come close. All right. Well, I better move out of the way. So you got room for somebody else. Thanks. Appreciate it. Yeah s so it's all I ask is the records be hits, and you know, it doesn't matter any any genre any year and we usually use billboard. But if you tell may Look, this was a big cash box hit. Don't worry. I got all the charts. I can look I'll take cash boxes. Well, because certainly with the R and B stuff. I think they were actually probably better chart all the way around, and they were mortgage box oriented than others. But you know, billboard sometimes was a little too well wimpy white for my tastes. Yeah, like that's domino. Never had a number one record. You're telling me that well, they did. All right. So, uh, yeah. If you don't call, I'll just play Bobby Cartola records yet or I'll play nervous by and would come. No, I wouldn't do that to anybody. Actually, I've got so many trivia questions in front of this computer. I could barely get through it to find a Bobby Cartola record. But let Z Let's see what we can do here on Bobby. Or call 8888765593 88 88 Rollie. Next time I'll keep the keyboard closer to me, and we'll see if we can ever. You're saying you're going to a lot of trouble to play me a record? I'm not gonna like, Well, it's it's true and we might play all of them. And I will reveal the trivia answer if you don't if you don't call in the waning moments, But this is your last shot at it at 8888765593, and this was actually a huge hit in Canada. That's why Donovan complained bitterly that they played it over and over because it was a head. Fortune.

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