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Brian. The all right. Here's what he was so for. Those of you might not know. We're talking about with bill. Bill's movie emporium or something. He gets way to he plugs. He wrote a vicious must. I have no idea but it was like a hit piece on our show and he just kind of You dismantled the show and us as as individuals and for whatever reason i think maybe logan brought to us but had a lot of fun with it and we. We talked about him at length for years to come all right so this is not bill. As far as i can tell this easily emporium main criticism was the we dropped away. Many names being in hollywood. Yeah he acted he suggested that. Were like typical hollywood types who are constantly dropping names. Like we're that things we're not that at least. I don't think we're that ono bills movie. Emporium has not had an update since two thousand seventeen. Sorry guys but the picture top. The atop the the review in the picture atop the website is the last one the most recent one two thousand seventeen. October is a movie that the the very last movie i cut from my top. Five cold opens weird. I watched very that is weird. I watched this very seen in our favor. Write it down. Make a note of it. Because i want to know what that movie it will. I go to build them for him. I don't want to do that. I don't wanna give them another click on it. Tell me what it is when we get there when we do the the episode top-five movie cold opens later on this winter. Where was i was Bells some other emporium. Yeah i know but you were okay so bill this emporium and then you cut me off your on his site and then something else came. Mind like no. You can't instagram. Saw on hinged a mindless cat and mouse chase movie with a female lead so obnoxious house rooting for russell. Crowe aren't sorry. Brian but it wasn't that bad. Maybe if you thought of it as a music talk about the relationship between liam. And noel gallagher. You might have enjoyed it more no. I'm on board with whoever this is saying. It's not that bad. It's not the worst movie ever seen. It's just not good. You describe heads. I remember his entire description of the move. You is negative. Hey i remember what i was gonna bring up. I was going to say that. We are not named droppers offers. I don't think i hope not. And then i remembered a conversation that you and i had on air not that long ago. involving restaurant that you wanted to and you you enjoy telling me about the people that you see there and kept asking me to guess which restaurant it is that you go it. It was so gross. I have yet to. What is it gonna guess from you. I understand that it's it's someone like a tongue in cheek thing you're doing but at the same time a lot of it's not a lot of it's not a lot of it is actual bright described the part where the door opens and the puck and flashbulbs flood the place of light. That's crazy you you. There's not that crazy because it's a place where dushi celebrities go when they want to be seen and they want roots. Because if you're a celeb- and you don't get enough attention by just being a regular celebrity And you have to like you. Thirst hunger for flashbulbs in your face. Well that's a good point. Go to a place that you know there will be. It's inevitable there will be paparazzi times. Right there's plenty of places l. as a large place. There's plenty of places you can go their certain celebrities we never see or they're certain celebrities. You see a lot and then when things happen you don't see them anymore because they don't go out to those places anymore. True james franco good point although he was everywhere like. I'm pretty sure that he waited my table one and was in the movie that i saw that. I think that he taught him a friend of mine. Ucla that that after the guy and now he's never all right here. We go worth the movies worth of movies. I should say worth the view movies on facebook. I care a lot. What a frigging good movie. Totally worthy of the view maybe second one dink lidge and pike are amazing. This is a must so Yeah this movie that. I previewed on cinematics few weeks ago and i wasn't sure if it was going to be good enough to watch but i've been hearing good things from everyone from my buddy rand to Worth the movies worth of movies on facebook and my own mother sent me a text last night saying you should check out that That movie i care a lot. I can't believe it was based on a real life story for those you might not know. It's rosement. Pike the Tan waste is aol. Whitlow junior the as well as make on blair making blair who of course we like from the jeremy. Sonia team So yeah i excited. It's about Somebody who's stealing money from the elderly until she meets her match. And you've got to imagine that her matches diane diane at the be dianne wiest and rosamund pike so excited about that. Okay looking all is also in. This is france is. I don't know how it's pronounced i-it's isas that's right. Sure he's a isa. Maybe isa i knew an isa when isa anyhow eight usa just east side you signed that final us finally mitch. Watched cia's direct toil debut music so you don't have to. You may have heard of music. Brian was a bit of controversy not too long ago recently actually when it was first released because she used It's.

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