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Seventeen to one hundred is the score here in Houston. And it looks like coach belong to seen now is going to save as veterans for the second game of a back to back tomorrow night in Miami. Brandin goodwin. Trae Lyles check in during the time out and here comes Monte. Moore's Moore's has it across time. My guys maker on gets it over the Lyles in the corner. Now want show has it brings it back out to the wings. Does attack down on the elbow of the Lyles they threatened the double team skipped past Morris against James harden? Driving a dish over to Beasley touch and go down the lane motor up in in now. Nice drive-by Beasley here crossover gives himself right under the free throw line in Florida at the dotted line fifteen point lead here for Houston. Four minutes left to go on the basketball game harden has at the left side of the mid Gord circle garden out there by Maliki veasley herbals between his leg. Now. He's approaching the three point line stops jabs takes a contested three. Missed it. Rebound comes down to Heron Gomez. I'll pass over to Brandon good went up the left side. Stutter step drive inside the arc over to hear. Dan, Gomez hands it off, the Beasley Beasley back out on top to Montana left side. The good one Goodwin goes to the corner throws out of it to Lyles for three hours. No good. And it goes over the backboard and out of our. A lot of passing around the perimeter right there in that possession for the nuggets. It is a small grew out their forms. Trey Lyles twenty four percent from downtown. This year harden has it to the right of the mid picking their with Gerald green. He's one on one with Balik veasley. Here comes another pick from green Denver switches that now Goodwin guards James harden Dickey's freaking out right now. Step back, three hard contested missed it again. Whistle and a foul called on good one. Wow. I don't even think he touched him at all. I'm not sure he did either. He pulled both of his hands back as far as on that. They're not gonna show that replay here in Houston. Here's a replay on altitude television. Not nothing absolutely zero. My goodness literally pull both ends back. Number one is up in any will have two more. Well, I thought you had a good point of great Dem's. Maybe try something to figure out for the next time. You play these guys. Uses this kind of a practice. Second free throw by hardness. No good. He'll have one more. He made the first one. Now, this is the team that the listen if you're gonna play deep into the playoffs you're going to see these guys. Yeah. So, you know, something here tonight, they'll will have to figure out maybe this work until they can take this PC put together with something else. The next time. He misses the third one as well. Monte Moore says if the other way here for Denver picks up his dribble right side, hand, Gomez, three pointer jumpers off the back of the rim. No good. And the rebound comes down to Gerald. Green gets the olive pass over to James harden. Three minutes to go in the basketball game harden, crossover move on Beasley gets down the lane left handed. Layup is. It's just impossible to do. Because you you pull your arms back into foul. Ryan, then you're really scared. Not the found. He takes you right to the rim. Morsel? Try three misses that one rebound. The green missile be all hard. And once again. Yeah. That freedom of movement stuff really is going to help guys. Like James harden has it on the high right side. Here comes the double team doesn't care shoots three. Missed it. Rebound down to Goodwin leaking out. His Monte Moore's has rivers to beat reverse side, layup up in in one twenty to one zero four sixteen point lead here for Houston. Dan, rivers will get it across the timelines. He's at the mid court circle. And the rockets just built on the clock here as much as they can. You're right Dempster backup unit. Cannot hang with Denver's backup unit. The head to bring back in the starters. They did. Now. This is Denver's depth to talented depth has been very very good rivers runner down the line. No, good rebound down to hairnet Gomez outlook pass over to get one gets down the line Bank shot up in and a foul is well on Gerald green makes at one twenty two one away any Goodwin turns on the jets right there. Blows right by Gerald greens. Quick athletic guy on his own. But I was talking to our tourist Karnishovas the general manager. As he was scout the G league he goes man, if I see one more G league. I go without question was Brandon Goodwin. The best player in the energy league. He goes no question about it. Not even close throws. Good. And here's Austin rivers across the time line with one hundred seconds left to go in Houston. He's got it out there by Monte moors. Throws it over to harden on the pick and pop vibe on the shot clock. Back over the rivers rivers in the corner to Gerald green had bacon, then the three jumpers. Twenty two forty five downtown Houston, sixty six points in the three point line Goodwin hasn't on the left side crossover movements poked away by and a turtle Capellas on a breakaway. He leans in Bill. Twenty five the one zero seven Monte Morris has at the elbow. Take a contested tuning knocked at home. One twenty five to one zero nine the score. Play by cappella. James harden double team in the back court throws out of it to Austin rivers. See throws it on the high right side to Gerald green back over the rivers with less than a minute to go. Now at the midcourt circle harden has hardened from thirty one feet short. No, good rebound down to the leak. Beasley Beasley throws it in the front court to Monte Morris. Over the Lyles of the layup is up in in in transition. One twenty five to one fourteen and goes to Austin rivers. Austin rivers gets the outlet pass over the James harden Martinez into the right side of the midcourt circle. Throws a back over the river rivers guarded out there by Maliki Beasley ten on the shot clock. Rivers rest the basketball on his right hip waste more time. Now five on the shot clock puts it on the floor. The left hand gets a pig. It'll take a long three there that one's an air ball. And the rebound comes down to good one shot clocks turned off in the front towards veasley will dunk at home. And that'll be your final score one twenty five to one thirteen. All Houston has to do is get it across the timeline. Inbound goes to Gerald green back over to James harden, hard lobster. The report circle over the Capello there across the time line and Capello will dribble out the clock. Three seconds left in Houston to one and there's the horn. Nuggets never found the rhythm tonight in Houston. They lose the rockets by one twenty five to one thirteen and drop came a one of a back to back set. We'll take a.

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