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In a localized region from portions of Nebraska and South Dakota into southern Minneapolis. Police are investigating if a machete attack against NYPD officers is terrorism, WBZ TVs, Louisa Mueller. 19 year old Trevor bickford was formally charged with two counts of attempted murder, sources tell CBS News he left his home in Maine, traveled to New York and spent the night in a homeless shelter in downtown Manhattan before the alleged attack. A notebook found in beckford's backpack contained writings that talked about travel overseas and a desire to fight with Islamic extremists, House minority leader Kevin McCarthy is vying for the House speaker role when Republicans take control tomorrow, CBS Nicole d'antonio. He held a conference call with House Republicans Sunday agreeing to changes in order to win enough support for the speakership. Those demands included the ability of any 5 members of the majority party to initiate a vote to remove the speaker. He would also establish select committees to investigate President Biden's COVID and border policies, dozens of Russian troops were killed in a Ukrainian missile strike over the weekend. CBS reporter Mary a lucina is in Latvia. Ukraine took responsibility for a strike. After dozens of Russian soldiers died in a place called Mike in the Donetsk region. Earlier on Monday, Russian defense ministry said the missile struck a building that housed a lot of Russian soldiers and at least 63 troops have died. About 65,000 people attended the first of three days of public viewing for Pope emeritus Benedict correspondent Vicky Barker. Some of the faithful held up their phones as they filed past the mortal remains of this, the first Pope to resign in 6 centuries. Pope emeritus Benedict clad in red papal morning robes, hands, clasped, lying in state in St.

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