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It just sounds so Appealing. Thank you. Fat 7 45 years sports with buffet and the Broncos really barreling down on that search for new GM to replace John Elway? Yeah, Marty, the Broncos aren't wasting time trying to find the next, um, to replace John Elway. Their initial interviews will take place via zoom in the coming days. Head Coach Vic Fangio's looking forward to working hand in hand with his new boss. Whoever we end up hiring here, I'm sure will forge a good relationship. I've had experience over the years, obviously working with many different general managers. I like to think I'm easy to work with, and I'm sure who we hire will be a guy. That's the consensus builder ultimately be the guy that makes the final decision as it relates to the roster, and I'm not really concerned about the following the initial round of interviews with the candidates, virtually Fangio Elway and team President Joe Ellis, who are conducting the zoom interviews, We'll invite the finalists to Denver for face to face meetings. For Broncos personnel man current Bears assistant director of player personnel champ Kelly Saint's assistant GM Jerry Fontinot. Vikings isn't GM George Payton. Patriots personnel man Dave Ziegler. And Brian Start, the Broncos director of college scouting are the five initial candidates. Both Kelly and Ziegler began their personnel careers in Denver, Kelly from 2007 to 2015 Ziegler from 2010 to 2012. Dug itself from average tonight as they look to even their record on the year. They currently set at three and four but have won two straight. It's an eight o'clock tip off from ballerina movie I college. Good for you this afternoon, Right here on K away, Tad Boyle. See you man Squad. Let's give him a birthday present. He turned 58 yesterday as they host number. 15, Oregon are pre game coverage starts at 2 30 tip off from the sea event center. Three cc host UNLV for the first of back to back games that Moby Tip off. Tonight comes your way at six and enforce men's hoops got drilled last night at Boise State, 78 59 at sports and brain and crystalline care when his radio on the Broncos buffs and rockets can reduce your time 7 47 right now, on Colorado's morning news corner virus, hospitalizations in the US continue to reach new heights that cover tracking project. Says more than 132,000. Americans were getting a treatment for the virus and hospitals as of yesterday. That's the most of the pandemic that includes over 23,700 people fighting in ICUs. It is the 36 straight day hospitalizations have stayed about 100,000 project also noted Wednesday that saw the second highest daily death toll of the pandemic, nearly 3800 reported. Colorado health officials are providing more guidance for the state's covered 19 vaccine distribution plan for Coloradans, age 70 and older providers like hospitals and other health systems, pharmacies and community clinics. And local public health agencies will be administering vaccines. This may be by appointment or drive through clinic, Dr Jill Hunsaker, Healthcare providers and networks are working to set up online portals to provide that age group with information about a sign up. Vaccinations for essential workers like teachers and people in childcare professions may not happen until the end of February. Well, the governor is hopeful that by the end of next month, most people over the age of 70 will be inoculated already. They're contacting Colorado's 8 17 up and an older by next weekend, we'll expect by this coming weekend. We're expecting that you see health and for health and Centura. One of their online portal for Colorado, in 17 up already open for for everybody. Some parts of the state are still trying to move through Phase one A, which is directed at high risk health care workers and those in long term care facilities. Officials are hopeful that will be completed very soon. The search for a missing Fort Collins woman appears to be coming to a tragic end. Police say a body believed to be that of Christine Cummings was found yesterday in the Pingree Park area. Her vehicle was also located at a nearby trailhead, which is close to the sea issue Mountain campus. Cummings was reported missing by a family member on New Year's Day. They speculated she may have gone for a hike but never returned. Coming up here on Colorado's morning news. We're going to talk to a crime and terrorism expert about what happened yesterday and get his perspective on things. That conversation in a moment says we check your drive right now. John Morrissey, where.

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