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Good Sunday morning at six o'clock on Market day. And indeed, for the first time in exactly nine months, we had big league baseball here in New York. There's Clint Frazier and he swings and there's a high drive to deep left field. That ball is high. It is far it is Down town goes Frazier. It's a two run home run, The left and the Yankees take a three. Nothing lead. John Sterling jump of the fourth inning here on the fan, the Yanks masked man Clint Frazier taking Rick Pour Sello deep. Yanks went onto a 93 win at Citi Field, where Mike talk men went three for five with an R B I single and two runs scored Michael King, making a case to make the opening day roster. Going the 1st 4 innings on the mound, gave up just one run on three hits with a walk in three strikeouts, and King said he was extra pumped. God yeah, I mean, it's definitely just ponder. The other guys in the box. I mean, it was his first pitch and Citi field, So I had a lot of fun tonight. The funnel shift of the Bronx first pitch just after seven o'clock to be thrown by Jordan Montgomery on the Mets counter with Korea's well, Jacob to grumble stay in Queens to throw a simulated game as he continues Dame for opening day Friday against the Braves. Meantime, Bill Madden reporting in the Daily News this morning. There is no chance, he says Alex Rodriguez. And Jennifer Lopez will be the majority owners of the Mets. The Canadian government has told the Blue Jays they cannot play any home games this season in Toronto team will likely wind up in Buffalo, the home of the Triple A affiliate, or maybe even didn't even Florida, where the Jays hold spring training. The NFL sent out a memo Saturday training camps will open on schedule this week. Rookies air doing Tuesday quarterbacks and injured players to report Thursday. Everyone else has to be in by next Tuesday, the 28th Some golf John Ramos take a four shot lead over Ryan Palmer and Tony Fee now into the final round of the Memorial. Rama 12 under par. Tiger Woods will start his day to over UFC Fight Night on Fight Island that co main events last night. Davison Figueredo, stopping Joseph Ben Evita's Late in the first round is he became the new flyweight champion, while middleweight Jack Hermansen. Scored even earlier stoppage of Kelvin Gastelum. One horse racing note Authentic edged out New York traffic by ahead to win the Haskell steaks down at Monmouth Park this summer. Continue consider gardening indoors. Miniatures, Citrus, pineapple and tomato plants can all be grown indoors as well as outdoors, find tips and more. At one thing us dot com It's 79 degrees. We have clear skies. Now we're heading up to a steamy 95 in Central.

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