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Secretary s geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more. Psg top four points today with a three one victory away. Against montpellier julia rural back with us jobs. They left it late again in the played really. Well the created enough chances to take the lead before. Before as you said doing this. So late with are wonderful mosey canes go for bt from psg with thomas donahue resting players including the likes of martinez and that your name or even kidding only came on late in the game was pretty good performance collectively and started. And i think the lot to show and not to prove after being on the bench for the for the two games he did quite well mosey as we said. It's called the really lovely goal to make to. On the case played well like ten billion for example the author over deserved to win certainly and even if the left it late but it was a very strong collective performance especially three days after the games against man united to who really wanted to keep the dynamic to keep us of tim's period mentality so you'll be happy with the wind and for twenty one year old kilian. Mbappe is one hundred goal for psg joe's. That's incredible incredible. It's another milestone for him. Especially when you look at the amount of games i did in is the ratio is incredible really and and i think he had his head. He was on ninety nine for a few years now. He hasn't calling the champions league for over a year. Now they come in in in in the league last weekend for example either so i think psychologically he really hard to get it at some point and so let go with us don nyc and focus on on keeping doing his own thing instead of already think always thinking about. I need one hundred one hundred because he was forcing. He's getting the last few games. Nice the freedom in his mind would come back which is great for the club as well but you saw how she meant to him and he and his family as well as one hundred achievement. Like you said someone who's turning twenty two at the end of the month. No is it the thank you very much. Course you can this vision to the cabin gills. Podcasts it drops on day. You can download it over on the website. Meanwhile action continues in the scottish premiership tamar. Ross county taking on league leaders rangers. That game live at seven. Am eastern and.

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