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You get paid. This is the overtime podcast network. All right. We are back in Martin. We are starting off. No, if the we are we're starting off, we're Martin Morton fine. Martin. Okay. We're going to start off with the lads Darby. Obviously, I'm the arsenal. Fan of the pod. Martin is the man you fan of the pod arsenal. Win to nil and Martin. You know, you're you were giving me some shitty texts after the game. Which is fine. I just know you guys menu fans get very salty after a loss, especially since this is all these soak showers first loss in the Premier League. So, you know, this is a very humbling experience because now you're going to go and use this as momentum to get into the top four and knocked arsenal out. So you're welcome. Sure. But can I give you my honest opinion about the game? Yes, please before you jump in. I I want to tell the listeners what I told you son or Saturday night. I changed my bed on this game. And I've told Kev that I thought ours was gonna win because United with streak stricken high or snow with stricken low and streaks got an end. So I might have lost this game. But at least I got a bet. Right. So well, you know, that's, you know, money money talks money, money York's. Okay. So more in my honest opinion about this game is is that arsenal did not play that. Well, and I thought Man United had way better chances in played better. My only thing is the penalty, which I will say I will say I'm gonna say it should not have been a penalty. It was a very soft penalty. I think luck is that dived or went down very easily. He felt the contact from Fred and said fuck it. I'm gonna take the opportunity if I can get it. I think it's the referee's fault. You can blame luck is that it's much you want, but he's trying to get advantage. And I think that kind of deflated man, you who seemed to be the ones right there on the break of almost scoring. And if it wasn't for several saves from that Leno, but the post this could this could have been a very different game. And also a very bizarre goal where you had a flat footed, the heya going the wrong way from this. Like, I think it must have been like a thirty yarder twenty five yarder from granted Zhukova. So that's my honest opinion. I think if you guys would have finished better, I think he just had a bad day and finishing arsenal. Caught some breaks. The penalty was bullshit. That's my I'm being fair right now, I'm being really really fair. So. Go ahead. I know you wanna call lock is that a diver, and you know, the puss, but okay brochure. Okay. Issue of that. Because I'll give you a been really nice. I saw a lot of fans get upset at our social media accounts afterwards because we were doing like we made fun of Jesse Lynn guards dancing, and I think one of them was like arsenals at the wheel because you guys had that just. Sorry, sorry at the wheel. Because you guys had that like tweet of Jesse lindgaard saying soak sure at the wheel. So again, I, you know, it's all just banter guys. It's all banter. Please everyone, relax. I saw menu fans getting awfully upset. I saw and I will admit we celebrated a little too hard. It's not like we won anything. We just beat you guys at home, which you know, when you're at home, you should win every match at home. So it wasn't like we want a League Cup or or like like we didn't win a trophy out of it. So I do admit that we sell we celebrated a little too hard at the end of the day. I was happy. Yes. But like, let's all just chill. Let's relax. Let's take a chill pill. So I got to agree with you. I believe mentioned not it was for the first time under socor completely wasteful in front of the goal. United had a number of chances to get a goal in especially Lukaku when he rounded Leno hit the ball opposed. Fred hit the crossbar. I think rash. I flashed a shot out off the. Side of the crossbar so United had its opportunities. But I will disagree with you..

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