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Of living, distribute vaccines and reopen schools. Let's get a fresh start for California. I'm John Cox, and I want to Be your next governor. 84 by John Cox For Governor 2022 South Land, Whether from Ko Phi breezy tomorrow with highs in the low to mid sixties for Metro L. A mid sixties in the Valley Upper fifties to low sixties and inland OC and the IAEA we lead local live from the Ko Phi 24 hour news room. I'm Debra Mark. We had accident Attorney Sweet James Burger on the line. We've known James for years. He's the one you Call if you ever get into an accident. James, Welcome to the John and Ken Show. Thanks for having me. Hey, James. Lot of wacky things happen and suck in California. We wanted to talk to you about Jet back guy that's been flying around l a X and I guess. Say, you being the sharp eyed attorney. What's the liability here of something disastrous happens? Oh, my gosh. Sure. You've got a guy some unknown, unregistered, unplanned flight and where the most complex and credit airspaces In the entire world. That air spaces for commercial airliners is just illegal flying in that space, So he's tinkering in his garage and wants to be some superhero and he was flying up in that commercial space, and he's going to face a litany of problems because of an accident. The FAA confined motel quarter of a million dollars and put him in jail for a year, But the FAA can also coordinate With other agencies, Department, defense, Homeland Security, FBI and local authorities for additional enforcement action. So this guy could just be up the creek. Yeah, If he gets sucked into an engine and brings down a jet is the airline responsible? Could passengers and family sue, they would likely have that sort of insurance coverage. But the primary culprit would be a jetpack guy. I imagine he wanted some school superhero name like Iron, Eagle or wing defender, and we've just dubbed him jetpack. I can't believe they haven't tracked him down yet. Yeah, A couple of times E mean he's out in the open air clearly in public. He's on video. Nobody. Nobody at the airport. No security trace them attractive yet it's hard to believe. Thank God it's a pandemic was less flights up there. I guess that's very true. You know, a part of me wishes that he gets whisked away into some special secret government agency with a bunch of other oddballs to save America, but likely is he's going to get tamed, slapped on him and That will be the end of it. All right, that was that. Was there anything accident? 30 Speech AIDS Burger. If you give her get into an accident, he's the one to call 805 152 100. That's 805 152 100. Sweet James dot com Recall Road Trip Join US February 13 Santa Monica Pier paid for by Joe Collins for Congress. If I live and local radio station Johnny can show continues. John Cho Belkin champ. Oh, can't Fi and 6 45 everywhere on the I Heart radio after Things in place for next hour. We do have the voice live people. We do have a hack for the dumpster. How about that? The mob members will come in. Forget the pandemic. They're gonna wear those nylon. Stockings on their head with the mask in place to keep the that's right because we don't want any this weekend, so it kind of looks like Eventually mask on, and then you put the nine on over it The hold it there, hold it in yet to secure it in place because it's really It's really hard to clean. That's what robbers would do in movies from, uh years ago. I've never seen the.

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