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Was one of her pupils yes he wasn't overplay and he asked that question i always hash people who knew george martin akg do you think the beatles could have made it as big as they did without george martin uh i don't know about as big that will the beatles are made it whatever they with that get i mean there is sudden there is a level of talent that is undeniable an unstoppable in my view that whatever happens it would have found it's made its mark on the world did george helped the beatles records be even better than they would have been otherwise absolutely yes do they owed the the does does the genius of their records oh georgia a huge debt of gratitude absolutely us is one of the best record bridges in the wealth yes with the beatles of without him probably yes but it might have been different you know it's it's hard to say in iran but in the same way people vaas me the decried that question about james hailing award would you made it announces yes absolutely you know so it's it's it's not well you taught my helped by how exactly out asahara's will proud doubt but i don i was just amazed when i heard him and when you know this your colossally good you know this is insane you know i it's either yes she gets you can't believe nobody else's a gun this guy's burlington signed about made a record i would just happened to be there first and george was the first person to dea how good the beatles warns and recognize them i love the george also worked with comedians that he work with the goals of the a level that ac round that's one of the things that recommended him to them and to me i mean we're move with reason we all knew george modern was cool wasn't the music records he'd made thus far no it was the fact that he produced by milligan and peter sellers which you are a heroes sure i saw an interview with you and you said it all comes back despite militant it does which aristotle of british humor tally goes backed by mother yelling and he's not that wellknown here but he's a hero to all of us to to monty python andrew every all the cords who came after an annual salish handles tell us how you made the connection with paul mccartney.

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