Cameron Caskey, David Hong, NRA discussed on Hugh Hewitt


And his saying horrible things about you terrible things about your second amendment rights and the people who love the value that they're not it it's it's particularly jarring to have that s come from the mouth of a of of a child it's particularly jarring to have that come from the mouth of someone who all you want to do is hug him and lift up their family in prayer and say thank god you're alive thank god your alive to be antagonized and bullied and insulted in pilloried and condemned by these beautiful children of god who survived the shooting hits hits a really big disconnect but when you boil it down they're not saying or doing anything different than their parents would do if they were crazy lefties they they've red well from the index cards and i don't say that suggested they are scripted or that they are insincere i take a look at these kids this cameron caskey this david hong they are rich smart they are poised they have great t these skills there in may lie their future who knows and and they mean it i'm going to give him full credit and you know what else i'm going to give him every bit of latitude that i would give it on if they wanna cut everybody's in older their kids they been through this you bet they have and and i love them and god bless them and thank god they're alive but i'm going to give them the respect that i would afford an adult stepping into the arena of debate if they seek to step into the arena of debate young men young ladies come on in come on in you've proven yourselves worthy you really have and the moment you get there i'm going to address not your age not your experience but what you say and what these young men and young ladies have said uh are are horrible lies about the nra horrible slander of our people whom the nra supports and who support the nra terrible terrible insults of good people whom they just don't even understand so in this last gentleman says you know i don't think these kids understand or the other side of the debate there thirty forty fifty sixty and seventy year old walking around who don't appreciate and.

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