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Somehow jake is there. Is jake greg. Rebecca is there a phase four villain ores for just a hodgepodge face for villain and time. I could see it lasts more than a phase. Yeah i think. I think phase four could have a an overarching villain for shore If it is mefissa which. I think you know ninety. Five percent of the internet seems to think that it is and and it could very well be He's a character. You don't introduce you do away with him after nine episodes series. He's a character that you're going to bring back. you know. Maybe he gets defeated in some way or or put on the shelf in some way in the show but it doesn't mean that he doesn't show up and other movies and stuff going down the line even if it's just a tease or if it's a small part and you're like oh my god he's like of this phase. I think absolutely could be. Let me throw this out there. And this is where it starts to like. Get confusing for me. is i think. That another villain. That's also worried. The worthy of being kind of like a thanos level kind of like taking over like a phase or multiple phases. And we've heard possibly the rumored connections. Here is king hang. We can't forget about king. The conqueror kang the time traveller. Yeah the way. The way kevin feige operates. I don't know if we're gonna know who the fan of this. The next couple of fees is until we know if that makes sense. I don't i don't see them. Introducing might have. Can you might have pistol. You might have doctor doom at some point. It almost feels like you're going to have all of these villains probably play recurring roles over several films and the ultimate threat of what may be avengers. Five is we'll know when we know. You know. I i don't know if they're going to play that game again where you have like a a quiet threat behind the scenes pulling strings for twenty movies because everyone will see. That's the fan. Osa now will wait another eight to ten years before we see it pay off. I don't i don't think they'll do at that transparently again. I mean if you. I don't know it's crazy if you go back to. If you go back to phase the phase one of marvel and and you think about like the end where we find out that you know okay. Local trying to take over the earth trying to get you know basically to be in servitude of of him. We find out that the puppet master pulling the strings with santos and it's like the big bad at the end of the day wasn't loki. It was really like this other guy that you know that was that was trying to to to set all these things up and basically kind of like take out of the equation when went and gathered the had he wanted to have other. People gathered the stones for him and then he was like fuck it. I'll do it myself. So i don't know like i'm trying to figure out like i just don't think that you cast jonathan majors as can hang this up and coming actor whose huge right now stock is huge is..

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