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Harden's round joined just courtesy of the my guess sign hi Dennis. did you say Jimmy grovel should be crying I would be crying and have a rookie sixth round pick was going to protect my backside against the team who had the most sacks in the NFL last year in that zone blitz game I would be very afraid I would wear armor literally. not promoting very much she needs you okay let me ask let me ask you a question okay be honest be honest. back in the day if you found out as a defensive lineman that you were gonna go up against a rookie sixth round pick would you you probably said the limo for the guy listen listen I'll be licking my chops that it's easier to live great I would be salivating from now until Sunday dinner later. but but but returning in a salad and you were drafted to do something that you've been doing for years in college at least probably your entire football career so. I I I I hold just looking at it as an opportunity this is what attracted you to want to develop you know you're gonna missile development time but now you're going to be in a real NFL game I'm the kind of group your self we always talk about next man up this is it right here I mean you mean you have a lot crew and your your lower traffic but this is what you do this is what your job is so you know you never get drafted you sit the bench I mean you drive to be a contributor thirteen you you have some developmental time but they want to play and sometimes it comes quicker for other people so here it is right in front of you so hopefully take advantage of it you know they they do have a guy on the practice squad in Tim Ryan comes in think camel have more Intel then we can Ryan full who I've seen a little bit and he is just a massive human being is six seven three thirteen I just wonder because as far as we know they haven't they haven't signed Sam young yet maybe they elevate Ryan pope off the practice squad I'm not gonna say is gonna start the game but he could be available but so how do you think it'll function differently do you think they'll be more of a right handed stream that one thing they did do very well in Cincinnati Dennis's move the pocket in everybody rolled together than the throwbacks but hot from an offensive standpoint how does Kyle protect that left side is are tied in there to get shipped from that side what what what do you do here. definitely on task you would have to have a tight here George Carol you know the chip may be you know you're running back's contract. the square and and on the same page as far as past those and then you're right there are I think houses and the way he works out I don't think you'll you'll run laps you run right because that's part of you know that be it the whole philosophy of Lassa fever is office is keeping the the defense honest told her was not nor which way the balls being ran cast so I think you'll go both ways right and left probably heavy on the right side but task pro is is going to be the big thing I mean it's it's. some help there because we saw we did and in preseason and maybe got got a ways to go on as parents pros kind of protection so you know you can guarantee you that watch gonna wind up over here. you know given given him his best moves and that kind of test a little bit but that's that's what happened I'm sure the defense recorded as coordinator at planned so some places you know some court went through some some some plants become accustomed that's what you do in a phone when you have a new guy in there so he's got to be on his game come Sunday let's look to the other side we're talking to Dennis brown the forty Niners course off to a tune O. start home opener this weekend against the Steelers and of course that's where we are right now at down at Levi stadium pop in line here on the sports leader on the other side of it well obviously we talk a lot about Joe Stabler's replacement but Ben Roethlisberger's replacement I was impressed with Mason road off when I watch the game last night he went twelve of nineteen you missed for his first few passes but then hit nine in a row nice touchdown pass to Vance McDonald is obviously more mobile than what Ben Roethlisberger is he's pretty big with a pretty good arm but how do you go into a game against essentially a rookie quarterback who's never started an NFL game. you throw a looks at him you blitz him you try to get some hits on the the the good thing about this kid is that he's been in the program and he's he kind of knows the offense you're gonna have the wraps game time with the office but you know he's been there for two years so you know it's not like he didn't know it it's not like it's new to him it's a play book that he had in his hand two years and he's a big do he's a big strong he's got a big aren't too so he's not going to stand in there like big big been worth taking those shots thrown the ball down the field he's more mobile so you got to get out from the scars are coverages but the most important thing you gotta you gotta give them kind of flustered get him off his mark how to make some bad decisions give them outside the pocket and now let him sit there get into a rhythm so you you for a lot of different looks out on some late blade to and then you describe your your secondary make make a mistake. hi and I think obviously Fitchburg perspective and James Connor did leave the game last week and against Seattle with a knee injury but he's he's supposed to be a full go they're gonna try to get the running game going obviously with the rookie quarterback making his first ever start on the road for start anywhere but on the road so it's gonna be more challenging so you know the forty Niners have a chance again to I think this Pittsburgh offense of line is better than Tampa's and better than Cincinnati's but the forty Niners defensive line may just be better than any offense of line in football Dennis so we talk about the headliners an awfully do for to be able to go with this quality rotation and you got neck as well but the overall death it it Ronald Blair in particular the game that he had in Cincinnati I couldn't tell what number he was wearing his ninety eight or ninety but he was just dominating Sheldon day and DJ Jones in a little bit of Julian Taylor just you know speak to the guys that are the that the former number one draft picks and and what they're doing right now because this this this decline is coming at you in waves yeah I mean delighted to be I mean it and they're deep world guys come in the game they play either at the same level and Ronald Blair has always been a good players but that the injury in much the preseason but he showed up last week I mean from the first the first snappy was then they're just running down the field making tackles other side of the ball close the gap that sack you had a nice move on the cutting we just kind of way and street group so that that's that's that's the the bright part of of of this defense is that defense of wine and you got those facts linebackers but that defensive line can be special and and you know we talked a lot about Erik Armstead user guide that I think you did the right position I'm outside he's at the next guy our guys played inside last you can give him outside you can use those long arms and and get after quarterbacks could ever get acticin tackles because he's a big do you know he's learning now how to use his weight when he when he's in the run game and also in the past game but he's become accountable for said I I like what. you can play he started off the set the tone you know last week you know with that fact from the the first snap the first snap of the game so he's the guy that's come along and on the inside no teacher Jones a children day came into play really well to so that U. lying to the and it allows you got those fast linebacker second close all souls and flow would make those tackles for losses Quanah Gander showed me again a lot and I think this defense could be special and everyone's talking about you know the defense of backtracking a callow he followed up with another good game last week as we go over to Sherman so this defense could could could be ranked very high up there to see if they continue to grow like they're doing right now. I got asked this question were talking to Dennis brown about the Niners top of the hour we'll talk to Tim Ryan for the Tim Ryan show from noon to one here on the sports cedar II guys obviously always had a championship mentality but a young team too and I always start the film themselves them in three you know since nineteen eighty eight and wounded Steelers team of the backup quarterback to me that makes me nervous because I think the Steelers are going to play as hard as they possibly can to avoid the in three hole and the Niners being told how great they are they're finally at home Hey we did what we had to do on the road I just hope there's no let down. yeah you you so like your you think this could be one of those trapped games but you know it's it's it's about the leadership I mean this team has been hasn't felt this kind of success in a long time so it's going to be super important coach shoes in leaders in the locker room Richard Sherman to make sure that the guys stay they still making a play at a sense of urgency because Pittsburgh is basically planned for their coach now I mean their plan to keep their coach bear and I give him high get him fired so and their their plan for quarterback that you know it's kind of given himself up for she so I know there's gonna be a lot we're going to be very motivated come in and leave our stadium on Sunday and and it's going to be super important with a backup quarterback that you make them one dimensional you take away that run gate now let him run the ball and then just say Hey you have to win the game with your arm and put all the pressure on him so it's important for the defense to come out and play like they have the last two weeks no shut down that run game to get out to the quarterback and even though the Steelers are not one of the bay area and this century they they're gonna they're gonna have a lot of pain and owners as nineteen ninety nine so but they they travel like a college crowd and we're gonna see that unsightly terrible tile here but I I'm listening to you and John talk about you know overlooking this gay this is there the forty Niners home opener they then have a game at home yet and I the fans have been watching and I think getting really impressed as they watched more and more especially in Cincinnati how good this team can be which leads to Levi's and act in the first year when this place opened you wanted at thanksgiving day thanksgiving night game at seven four and that really was the swing game in Seattle came in here and won and they went on it became really legion of boom of the forty Niners slid back obviously to a five under team so did you speak overall to Levi's and and what's in front of them because you got a long stretch of home games now. the Pittsburgh the by Cleveland and a you go to you the rams at Arizona trip you don't have a lot of real trips coming up for the next several weeks all the way through thanksgiving so can this place be like when you guys played a candle stick can Levi's Dennis for this team playing the way they're playing right now be a real home field advantage. yeah I mean what what what do the whole toilet bandages first of all the things that a win for ball games the reason why candles candle student also topically camels it was because of the crowd I mean that if the people showed up it was ready goal the fans now you haven't seen the key you know to what you know it's there who knows where. and you know to golden rice stadium and and we know what the Steelers do dealers come they travel really well like they're reporting that these plans come out income to support people because you know we're right port for many years they have no reason to come there was violence your degree of nice one who because the product on the feeling very good right now you have to be consistent you have to you have to show up on Sunday your team to do it and then your fans going to believe your win football games on a football was pretty simple your friend come when you went I mean you know that's what we talk about the state I mean you only have the head of the women's football games over the faithful people will be around when the community that I live in San Francisco when I mean a lot of people can't hear a lot of people were just you know that the forty Niners aren't very good so make us than the money..

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